Social Media Roundtable Monthly at Shah Center McHenry

Social Media Roundtable meets monthly at Shah Center in McHenry, Illinois. Bring your social media marketing questions. This two-hour session, facilitated by April M. Williams begins at 6PM July 25, 2012. In this interactive roundtable, discuss your social media marketing ideas with peers and learn what works for business marketing.

Exchange experiences and toss around ideas of how to drive awareness of your business and increase profits. This is a tremendous opportunity to brainstorm with other small business owners and broaden your network.

No fee to attend, but please call (815) 455–8593 to reserve your seat or email For information on upcoming CyberLife Tutors events, visit CyberLife Tutors events calendar.


How to Google Drive and Google Docs Online Access to Files

What is Google Drive?

Google Docs refers to the editors for Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms. These are online documents that live in the cloud and provide real-time collaboration features.

Google Drive is the place to access all your files, including both Google Docs and local files that you sync to the cloud. If you used Google Docs prior to April, 2012, Google Drive replaces and enhances what you’ve previously known as the Google Documents List.

Google Drive features:

  • Online word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, forms, drawing, database tools
  • Templates you or others create
  • Access online, anywhere, any computer through browser
  • Upload and share file types:  .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf.
  • Sync files between desktop and Google Drive
  • Auto save to protect your work in progress
  • Revision history to restore a previous version
  • Files always backed up even if your computer dies
  • Share files with others using Google Drive or email
  • Collaborate on the same file at the same time
  • Import, export, convert, store any file type (5 G free, purchase additional storage)
  • Offline application when you don’t have an internet connection

Upgrade to Google Drive

Existing Google Docs users can access Google Drive then click “Get Started”. Newly upgraded Google Drive users will have Google Drive enabled.

Depending on demand, existing users may be put on a waiting list. In that case they’ll instead see a Notify me button. Watch for an email notification when they have access to Drive.

From Google Drive, users can switch between to the old Google Documents List interface and Google Drive by selecting “Temporarily use the classic look in the Google Drive gear” menu.

Google Account

An existing or new Google account is required to use Google Drive. It’s free. Use your Google account with YouTube, Picasa, Gmail and more.

Learn how to set up a new Google account

Get Started with Google Drive

Open Google Drive or Google Docs

  1. Click “Create” and select a file type to create a new file
  2. Click “Create” and select From Templates to choose a template
  3. Click “Create” and select Collections to create a new folder
  4. Click the Upload button to upload files

Learn Google Docs Online Collaboration at Algonqiun Library

Google is so much more than just a search engine. Google Docs, now renamed Google Drive features options that allow you to use it as your own portable office. April M. Williams will show you how. Learn the basics of creating, sharing and collaborating with Google Docs or Google Drive. You must have a free Google account before class to take part in this hands on session. Learn how to set up a new Google account.

Contact the Algonquin Library to register at 847.458.6060. This session is free to attend though registration is required.

Visit our calendar for information on other upcoming classes.

Google Docs

Social Media and Job Search Tips for New Graduates

Social media is key to job searches, especially for new graduates. If you have a new graduate looking for their first job, here are tips and common mistakes to avoid for job seekers, especially new graduates.

The first thing I recommend a job seeker do is create a résumé. There are plenty of templates available including CyberLife Tutors Sample Resume Format. Include relevant leadership roles, volunteer work and participation in organizations. Achieving Eagle Scout rank is impressive, especially to a hiring manager who is also a former scout. Be sure to spell check and ask someone else to give it the once over. Hiring managers will quickly toss out a résumé with errors.

Invest in one nice suit, dress or slacks and top for interviews. You can wear the same outfit every time, hiring managers will not know the difference. Your clothing style should reflect the company you interview with. Ideally, you blend in with employees. For jobs in conservative industries like banking, a white shirt and dark-colored suit is appropriate.

Keep a stack of thank you notes and stamps in the car. While still in the parking lot after the interview, hand write a note to the interviewer thanking them for their time. Express your desire to work at the company and let them know you look forward to hearing from them soon. Very few job seekers take this steps and you will stand out from the crowd. Address and stamp the envelope then drop it off at the post office on your way home.

Professional outfit for interview

Company’s will investigate your online presence. Sign out of all your email accounts and search for your name in Google and Bing. You may see different results in each site. Use quotes around your name “april m williams” to narrow your search results. Also look for variations of your name (William, Bill, Billy). Closely look for any negative references, even if they don’t refer to you. This is what a prospective employer will see and they cannot tell from the search results it the person is you or someone else.

Social media plays a big part in job searches today. Be sure your Facebook pages and other sites don’t contain career limiting comments, pictures or video. There is no “private” on the internet. Most states still allow companies to ask for your social media passwords so employers can look at your account. You do not have to allow this though the company may not continue with the interview process.

The best way to combat negative results it to create positive results through social media and blogs. I work with people in career transition and businesses to effectively market themselves through social media. One cost-effective step to build your online reputation is to create a free WordPress blog and write a short 200-400 word article every day directed to your target audience. This returns positive search engine results and creditability quickly.

Don’t wait to get started on your job search. The longer you are out of school, the bigger the gap on your résumé gets. While you are job hunting, volunteer for a charitable organization of your choice so you have something positive to respond to the “What have you been doing this summer?” question. “Hitting the beach,” is not a desirable answer.

Build your connections and let others know you are in the job market. The more specific you are about your desired role, the better your results will be. You never know who can help you. Just ask.

CyberLife Tutors offers career coaching and business social media programs in McHenry County. Social media includes strategy, implementation, coaching and training. For information on upcoming programs and events, visit our calendar at . Email April M. Williams or call 414-502-7745 for more information.

Infographic of Your Twitter Followers from Visually

Want a cool infographic to learn more about your Twitter tweets and followers? You can create your own with Visually. Just enter your Twitter name or another Twitter user’s handle and your infographic is created instantly. You can follow Visually on Twitter at @visually.

Here is my Twitter infographic. Are you one of my strongest connections?

How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar With Template

Do you use an editorial calendar to manage your social media updates, blog posts and marketing communications?

I am commonly asked “Now I have my social media profiles set up, what should I say?” Planning your posts with an editorial calendar can make this task less stressful. An editorial calendar is your plan for publishing specific content on specific dates and specific times. Planning in advance allows adequate preparation time and relieves the last-minute rush. Use your editorial calendar as a planning and tracking mechanism.

Planning your updates with an editorial calendar can save you time. Update the editorial calendar and another person can carry out the activities while you attend to other business.

Consider the topics you want to cover in your updates or blog and write out what you intend to say in your post. Next to each piece of content, note where each will be posted and the post date. Posting the same content on multiple sites often requires modifying the character length or formatting.

An editorial calendar is even more useful when more than one person manages a social media and marketing plan. Everyone involved can use the calendar to keep abreast of the most current updates.

You can create your editorial calendar using a lined notepad, white board or spreadsheet. Whichever tool works best for you is the best choice. Begin by working across each row to complete your editorial calendar. As you have new information, add it to your editorial calendar so all related items are in one central location.

Here is our own CyberLife Tutors Editorial Calendar Template to get you started. Download our editorial calendar and use our tracking system to plan out your next social media, blog or marketing campaign. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

LinkedIn Resume Builder Creates A PDF Resume File Quickly

LinkedIn Resume Builder turns your LinkedIn profile into a PDF resume in seconds. Resume Builder connects to your LinkedIn profile to gather specific information. Use the editor to select the format and content for your resume.

First, choose the template for your resume then use outline mode to reorder sections of information. Set the privacy settings as you desire then share with others if you choose. Save your file within the LinkedIn Resume Builder and save a copy to your computer. Share a link publicly or to a limited audience.

Click on the link to my resume and let me know what you think of the PDF file created by LinkedIn Resume Builder.

Official LinkedIn Logo

Is LinkedIn Better Than Facebook for Business Networking?

Is LinkedIn Better Than Facebook for Business Networking? Will LinkedIn be replaced by the 800 pound gorilla? I do not think so. LinkedIn is still very relevant to the business community. Geoffrey James agrees in his article LinkedIn Will Outlive Facebook. Here’s Why.

LinkedIn launched in 2003 and essentially has not changed much over the years. LinkedIn is not designed for multimedia with functions to store photos and videos. Basic resume information is all that is in a profile. My LinkedIn profile includes my professional credential and recommendations of my work. This is social proof and gives me credibility among peers and prospects.

LinkedIn is the networking tools for professionals. In my many years in the corporate world, I know that contacts are researched on LinkedIn and a profile was expected. LinkedIn is still relevant for business to business and large companies.


LinkedIn Advanced Hands On Workshop at Algonquin Library

Join us April 29 2-4PM for a free LinkedIn class for professionals with social media coach April M. Williams at Algonquin Area Public Library District.

* Are you on LinkedIn and wonder, “now what?”
* Find out how to leverage your professional connections to boost your career.

Learn how to leverage your LinkedIn network to discover the hidden job market and join groups to increase your chance of being found by recruiters and hiring managers.

April M. Williams demonstrates how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile. This is a hands on session and computers are provided.  Students must already have a LinkedIn profile and a minimum of five contacts before attending the workshop.

Class is at the Algonquin Area Public Library District main library located at, 2600 Harnish Dr, Algonquin, IL. Call the library 847.458.6060 to register or for more information. Seating for this workshop is limited.

For information on upcoming programs, visit our CyberLife Tutors events calendar.

Official LinkedIn Logo

Monthly Social Media Roundtable at Shah Center McHenry

Monthly Social Media Roundtable meets at Shah Center in McHenry, Illinois. This two hour session, facilitated by April M. Williams begins at 6PM April 25, 2012. This interactive roundtable is your opportunity to discuss your social media marketing ideas with peers.

What works? What doesn’t? Exchange experiences and toss around ideas of how to drive awareness and increase profits. This is a tremendous opportunity to brainstorm with other small business owners and broaden your network.

No fee to attend, but please call (815) 455–8593 to reserve your seat  or email For information on upcoming sessions, visit CyberLife Tutors events calendar.



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