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About Cyberlife Tutors

We use social media marketing tools to build prestige and credibility for your company.

Our word of mouth marketing works for you 24×7. While other marketers flail their arms and talk big, I use a process oriented approach developed through years as a Fortune 50 project manager. You don’t need to waste time tying to learn social media sites or keep up with constant changes on your own.

Your online social proof is your credibility. Don’t get lost on page 10 of Google search results. Be known as the expert in your field when your prospect is ready to buy. Call me to see how.

There is both marketing your business and marketing of yourself. We show you how to develop an effective strategy and stay with it throughout one’s career and not just when one is building your future. Too many of us stop the practice of networking once we land a job or contract thinking that connecting is no longer necessary. We show you why the care and feeding of your network is so important.

CyberLife Tutors helps businesses build their visibility by leveraging social networking technologies and techniques. The companies we have worked with operate in various sectors such as food service, legal, finance and tourism. Our philosophy is that connections build awareness for your company and expand your business.

Proud member of the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce and B2B Networking Group.

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We serve McHenry County including these cities: Alden, Algonquin, Barrington Hills, Big Foot, Cary, Chemung, Crystal Lake, Fox Lake, Fox River Grove, Greenwood, Harvard, Hebron, Huntley, Island Lake, Johnsburg, Lake in the Hills, Lakemoor, Lakewood, Marengo, McHenry, Oakwood Hills, Port Barrington, Prairie Grove, Richmond, Ringwood, Spring Grove, Trout Valley, Wonder Lake, Woodstock, unincorporated McHenry County.

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