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Are you looking for a career change or your next job?

What if you could shorten your job search by 15% – 46%?

According to talent management firm Lee Hecht Harrison, “People who use a coach for career advice in their job searches land jobs 15% – 46% faster than those who do not.” –Wall Street Journal Jan 27, 2009

Don’t go it alone! Get the help you need to guide
you through today’s talent market.

What is Career Coaching?

When you work with me as your Professional Career Coach, you have a partner focused on your personal growth and devoted your dreams and goals, a coach who helps you tap into your unlimited potential.

  • I help you assess your strengths and explore career options with a focus on accelerated results.
  • I ask you powerful questions, act as your sounding board when you need one, and keep your vision in front of you.
  • As a coach, I am your accountability partner, a neutral third party who keeps you on track.

What will you learn? What will you accomplish?

  • You’ll learn how to market yourself in today’s economy, with the most current information–everything you need for a successful job search.
  • You’ll spend more time looking at the present and future rather than the past.
  • You’ll learn how to find, navigate, and tap into the hidden job market.
  • You’ll have an action plan for success that keeps you on track and helps
    you work through decisions.

How will we work together?

  • My approach is personal—customized to your needs right now.
  • Our work will be process-oriented, helping you define and accomplish goals.
  • My job is to help you remove or overcome obstacles.

How to work successfully with a Career Coach:

  • Be willing to invest in yourself.
  • Be centered and ready for work.
  • Complete action steps you agreed to take
  • Be open-minded, willing to try new approaches
  • Be willing to experiment, to change beliefs and patterns which no
    longer serve you
  • Allow time for the process to work

Coaching is not: therapy, fixing people, telling you what to do, or making decisions for you

April has helped so many people land their perfect job:

Take advantage of the Complimentary Introductory Initial Consultation to learn about coaching and determine if coaching is right for you!

Complete the New Client Survey:

Complete the New Client Survey. After you sumbit your completed survey, schedule your discovery session online.

How much will it cost you to go it alone?

How much could you be losing every day by not working with a professional career coach? If your income is $120,000, you’re losing $10,000 every month or $500 each and every day you’re searching but not finding. Add to that your benefits, your bonus…you could be losing a lot.

But then, if you can shorten your time to landing the perfect job, you’ve got a lot to gain!

Bottom Line – Why should you hire a coach?

To get hired faster!

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