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Are you ready to take your career to the next tier?

Our clients get the results they are want and are proud of their lives.

We work with executives and we specialize personal service for your needs.

Executives I Work With …

I work primarily with executives who want to get on the fast track to advancement. When clients come to me they feel undervalued professionally and have often been passed over for a promotion or some other form of recognition that they expected. My clients are managers and executives at all levels who have consistently gotten better-than-average performance reviews.

You Are Likely To Be Successful Working With Me If …

I am dedicated to helping professionals get the connections, insider information, and visibility that’s needed to be seen as a leader, decision maker, and role model. In the rare case that things can’t be worked out in your current organization, I help you find and transition into one with better opportunities for an executive like you.

This Is Not For You If …

I don’t work with whiners or complainers, anyone who plays the blame game, or employees who have had a series of poor performance reviews. You have to be open to feedback and willing to create positive change. If not, coaching may not be the answer.

Coaching is most effective …

Coaching can be particularly effective for executives during transition or times of change including promotions, stretch assignments, and other new challenges. Executive may achieve immediate results through a coaches real time feedback and guidance.

My Philosophy:

My focus is on helping you evaluate the job you want, find it, and pursue it in a focused and impactful way. Together we assess options, explore opportunities, develop an action plan and execute the plan to meet your goals.

My belief is “one size does NOT fit all” through I work within a standard framework. My coaching philosophy is to determine goals and establish objectives, strategies and tactics specific to your unique circumstances. Each individual and job search is different to meet the highly competitive market. I work with clients to set goals, create a plan of action and help you hold yourself accountable to achieve these goals.

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