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Professional Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

CyberLife Tutors

“April has made my LinkedIn account far more accessible and much more professional than I had done for myself. She took the time to explain what she was doing and did it in an expert way. She is reasonably priced and gave me great service. She also teaches a class at the Shau Center on social media that is relevant to the business person. She will be do more work for me in the future.”
“I used April’s book, attended a class she led and attended a round table that she conducted. Because of these I have been confident in my use of social media. I accredit her with this confidence I now have in this area.”

David Kielpinski CEO, Lar-Cyn Design & Co. was with another company when working with April M. at McHenry County College Shah Center“

I attended a lecture April gave 3 years ago and it really reinforced what I thought of the power of networking. Her personable approach and extensive knowledge base impressed me to the point that after 3 years I still refer to some of her principles when promoting networking when I speak to groups.” November 7, 2010

1st Pamela OlinOwner, Olin Design Studio was with another company when working with April at CyberLife Tutors

“April is definitely a great inspiration to not only myself but from others too. She has the tools and the knowledge to get you back on the right track as far as your professional career is concern. I recommend anyone to use her services if your’re having a hard time in finding a job in your career or needing to make a career change.” August 17, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1st Angel Resto III
hired April as a Career Coach in 2010

“April Williams is an exceptional trainer! She is a master at social media marketing strategies and very experienced in “best practices” for implementing the right tools for an online presence. April goes the extra mile for her clients.” August 16, 2010

1st Bette ShoberChannel Development Manager, Meadows Publishing Solutions
was with another company when working with April at CyberLife Tutors

“April provides career coaching to the unemployed. It was in this capacity that I first met April to help me get centered, set up a network of contacts, and begin working to find my next opportunity. She was very helpful at getting me started with specifics then providing new perspectives, encouragement and always requiring accountability for my actions. Through her assistance I was able to address several areas to work upon and improve my approach, and I was able to find a new job through this guidance. Thank you very much, April!”May 24, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1st Robert W Hernquist
hired April as a Career Coach in 2009

“April is an imaginative leader, with a personable approach and a dedication to her work that is truly impressive. I’ve enjoyed working with her on the Chicago-WITI leadership team, because I respect her expertise and her interest in the success of the programs she develops!” May 21, 2010

1st Sandra BurkeVolunteer – Midwest Affiliate & Chicago Metro Board of Directors, American Heart Association
was with another company when working with April at CyberLife Tutors

“April was my Career Coach starting December 17, 2009….Her first step was helping me decide what I wanted to do. Then she kept me on track every step of the way until I found a job. I found her empathy as well as her feedback indispensable in my job search. I spent January following April’s tips on networking groups as well as preparing myself for interviewing. This included redoing my resume under her supervision. With April’s coaching I began interviewing in February and by the end of the month I had four irons in the fire. In early March I received an offer that was close to perfect for me.
By the way I am 57 years old. I am letting people know that because I want people to understand that there are no barriers you can’t overcome with a coach like April on your side.” May 14, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

1st Philip Goldberger
hired April as a Career Coach in 2009

“After many years working for the same employer, I realized I needed a change and was looking for someone to help me establish goals in my professional life and put together a plan for achieving these goals. April proved to be a tremendous advocate in helping me identify what is important to me, the possibilities that existed and how my talents and experience translate to opportunities that I had not considered previously. April is also an amazing networker and introduced me to numerous people that have and continue to provide advice. I’ve also learned from April numerous strategies for being a better networker the rest of my professional career.” April 16, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

1st Mark Sambor
hired April as a Career Coach in 2009

“April knows her stuff. She is creative, innovative and has a seemingly endless arsenal to get you moving in the right direction to archiving your goals. I truly enjoyed working with April and highly recommend her.”March 9, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

1st Sigrid Ross
hired April as a Career Coach in 2010

“April is awesome coach! Not only is she extremely talented, but more importantly, April teaches, coaches, and motivates you to achieve the next level while having fun in the process. April Williams inspires you to be your best version of yourself!” July 24, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

1st Elaine Dillon Biggs
hired April as a Career Coach in 2009

“April M. Williams is a consciousness and personable consultant. She
presented the ‘Top 10 of Networking’ and gave excellent examples of how to network effectively. She was able to motivate attendees to think beyond the casual networking approach and to explore new avenues to network. She provided value to the North Suburban Career & Networking Center.” June 28, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

1st Carolyn Cram
hired April as a Professional Speaker in 2009

“April M. Williams is an expert career coach, active networker and excellent speaker. April presented at the North Suburban Career & Networking Center’s first networking event. She described her top ten networking tips. She modeled how networking can be fun and how it improves your job search effectiveness. Her presentation delivered value for networking novices and experts. It was exciting to watch our members leave the meeting with actionable advice. If you are looking for a career coach or your next speaker, I strongly recommend April M. Williams.” June 18, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

1st Tom Turner
hired April as a Career Coach in 2009

“If ever there was a totally positive personality, it would belong to April Williams! In the time that I have known April, I have found her to be a top notch professional, highly motivated to success – with an engaging, warm and professional demeanor to complement her business acumen. April is a compelling speaker. She assisted the Saint Hubert Job and Networking Ministry recently with an excellent presentation that captured the audience with her enthusiasm, smile, and helpful, on-target material focused on success in a job search. By example and presentation, she showed the audience of over 100 how to represent themselves to an employer. The lesson certainly took hold as people left with an up-lifted, positive feeling and re-spirited toward their goal. April is a gem – I am pleased to know her and this recommendation is most sincere.

Bob Podgorski, Coordinator
St. Hubert Job and Networking Ministry
Hoffman Estates, IL” June 10, 2009

1st Bob PodgorskiFounder and Coordinator, Saint Hubert Job and Networking Ministry
was with another company when working with April at CyberLife Tutors

“April gave a wonderful presentation for our job transition group on Linked In – informative and well done. The feedback from our group on written evaluation was highly favorable. I recommend April as a speaker without reservation.” May 4, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

hired April as a Career Coach in 2009

“I met April through Crystal Clear Toastmasters, and was immediately impressed with her positive attitude and ability to jump right in and get things done. Since that time, we have begun attending another club as well, and she and I have motivated each other to hone our speaking and leadership skills. April is a skilled speaker, very confident and poised, very focused. She has a ‘can do’ attitude and a very encouraging spirit toward others. April is fully dedicated to networking, and is the person to go to if you need advice in this field. I do not know anyone who can top April when it comes to industry knowledge. I HIGHLY recommend her!”March 11, 2009

1st Linda EenigenburgBusiness Analyst, Root Cause Analysis, Follett Software Company
was with another company when working with April at CyberLife Tutors

“If you want to enjoy learning about “Building your Job Search Skills 
and Techniques” attend the session put on April. I had a great 2-hour experince learning from April. There were lots fo practical tips on using project management to organize your job search. There were also tons of tips on networking. I strongly recommend Ann. I hope to attend many more of her sessions.
Jack Levie
IT/Technology Project Manager” January 12, 2009

1st Jack LevieProject Manager, Motorola
was with another company when working with April at CyberLife Tutors

“I had the great fortune of connecting with April M. Williams this summer. What great talent she has! Her focused listening skills provided just the direction I needed relative to my desire to start my own business. April did not stop there. She helped in the development of a plan for me, outlined beneficial tools for goal attainment, and, most importantly, provides accountability for progression to the heights I’d like to achieve. I have one last observation to make about April Williams – she is a caring individual who has a true passion to meet and help others.” November 6, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

1st Victoria A. Redican
hired April as a Business Consultant in 2008


Williams Global Enterprises

“April is a phenomenal networking person! She proactively seeks out people in her network to assist other people in her network. I have had the opportunity to work with April as I try to relocate to North Carolina from the Chicago area and April has been very helpful in helping me expand my network in the Charlotte area. I also have observed April at the Barrington Career Center and she is always helping other people get connected.” April 8, 2008

1st Rich Sauser, PMP,CPASeeking management opportunities, companies in NC, SC or FL
was with another company when working with April at Williams Global Enterprises

Project Manager

Allstate Insurance Co.

“April was a very diligent PM facilitating people/team work efforts in a collaborative fashion. Her personality made her a very charming person to work with.” January 3, 2008

1st Don NewbernPM Consultant (PMI certified), Allstate Insurance Company
was with another company when working with April at Allstate Insurance Co.

“April has been a networking inspiration. I have worked with her on the Networking Committee of AWIN, and her organizational skills and follow up practices have been a great example of how to get things done, and done right.” July 6, 2007

1st Ellen KeirnanProject Manager, Allstate
worked with April at Allstate Insurance Co.

“April is a dedicated hard-working creative thinker who doesn’t see obstacles, only the goal. She is very good at time management, juggling many things at one time, and knows people and how to accomplish things through her well-built network. If she doesn’t know, how, she is absolutely fearless about finding out, and is not intimidated to share what she’s learned with other people. April is a pleasure to work with, and would be an asset on any team.” July 3, 2007

1st Lynn ThomasSr. Administrative Admin Assistant, Allstate Insurance Company
worked directly with April at Allstate Insurance Co.

“I highly recommend April. April was a dedicated project manager who played multiple roles and went beyond her assigned duties in order to help our teams stay on-track in challenging times.”” July 13, 2006

1st Robert Mitera, ITILProject Manager Consultant, Allstate
worked with April at Allstate Insurance Co

“April is a very intelligent and warm individual. She takes pride in the work she does and is very proficient in her expertise as a PMP.” July 6, 2006

1st Lauren ProphetProject Manager, Allstate Insurance
worked directly with April at Allstate Insurance Co

“While linking to Allstate colleagues, April’s name continually surfaced. Her profile showed that she had initiative to change her surrounding for herself and others. I knew I had to meet her and sought her out. At Allstate, April has been instrumental in organizing a women’s networking group. The first meeting had at least 250 attendees.” June 30, 2006

1st Sarah BoganIT Research Services Manager, Strategy & Planning, Allstate
worked with April at Allstate Insurance Co

“April was a key player in implementing a networking program across the Allstate organization and displayed a great deal of enthusiasm in seeing the program succeed. She allows others to contribute to the success of the program through fostering input from all individuals and allowing them to manage their ideas independently.” June 29, 2006

1st Ann HassingerStrategy Analyst, Allstate
worked with April at Allstate Insurance Co

“April works very well with people across the many different departments here at Allstate, this along with her advanced knowledge of project management and project management tools, April is very successful in accomplishing and completing projects that span over many different departments. April’s management style gets the job done. I highly recommend April as project manager!” June 28, 2006

1st John WhiteProject Manager, Allstate
worked with April at Allstate Insurance Co

“April is thoughtful, creative and energetic in her work efforts. These attributes enable her to quickly build strong, trusting relationships with her customers. April is a team player who gets things done.” March 28, 2006

1st Richard FuhrInternet Marketing Manager, Allstate Insurance
worked directly with April at Allstate Insurance Co

“April and I were downsized from Sears in 2000, she established a network so the displaced people could keep in contact. After 5 years and the series of Sears layoffs, this group is going stronger than ever. (I get contacts from it nearly everyday.) April’s forethought has helped hundreds of people through very difficult times in their lives.” September 16, 2005

1st Tim Schaefer
worked with April at Allstate Insurance Co

Project Manager


“April is a talented technical leader with good people skills. She gets the job done and is a great addition to any team.” July 5, 2006

1st Laura MckeeVice President, Strategy & Business Development, Perseco
worked with April at Sears


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