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Have you lost your passion and excitement for work? Not sure how to get the thrill back? Then “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark” will fire up your internal spark. Our authors share their insights to help you find your passion in life.

Don’t stay stuck in a life that is not fulfilling. Find out how to take control of your destiny, find your purpose and get what you really want out of life. In the “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark” anthology, twenty-five authors share their stories of how they found their passion and how you can ignite your internal spark.

These personal narratives reveal techniques you can use immediately to get more from every day as we lead you through exercises and proven approaches.

We live in a time of change and opportunity. This book supplies readers with proven methods they can use to transform their greatest hopes into reality!

Meet the “Ignite Your Passion” Book Co-authors

Christopher McCann – Christopher McCann is always looking for ways to maintain, enhance and develop our culture while keeping the core values we had from day one. From the beginning we were a flat and collaborative organization with a lack of hierarchy. We want all of our employees to be involved in growing and developing our uniqueness. It may be coming up with different programs or processes or just being there to talk with people. It’s an incredible tribe of people and I love “pollinating” in the morning knowing that in some way, I’ve made a difference in their lives.

Gaye Mack – Throughout her life Gaye has held a deep interest in esoteric philosophies, spirituality in medicine, international travel and writing. Currently she’s working on a 12th century mystery series set in Great Britain and studying evolutionary astrology under Steven Forrest. She keeps her linen closet and family in the Chicago area.

Lisa Deon used to share her tales by cornering people at cocktail parties and telling them stories until someone had to give up and go pee. Finally, she thought to write them down. Her favorite foods are wine and popcorn, and her favorite smell is horse. Connect with Lisa at her website, or Amazon.com. The Carriage Trade available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Createspace. Splitting the Difference available exclusively for Kindle from Amazon.

Tara Bider is a Licensed Clinical Social worker and mother to two smiley and energetic little boys. She is married to the most laid-back husband in the world, who indulges and accepts without question her unconventional ideas such as climbing Mt. Everest. Tara’s Everest blog can be found at http://suburban-sherpa.blogspot.com

Peter Gault –  Who I am: Father, husband, dog and cat owner. I adore my family; they’re the biggest part of me. I’m also an artist, creator, collaborator and enthusiast. I’m a lover of music, books, writing, stories and people. My passion shines through the creative process.

Izzy Kharasch – Owner and president, Hospitality Works, Inc an operational foodservice consulting, training and management firm founded in 1987. Founder of FoodService Professionals Network of Chicago, in April of 2009 Izzy also became a Certified Green Consultant allowing him to guide and direct businesses in becoming Green and Certified Green.

Doug Elwell is a native Illinoisan who writes short fiction. He has studied at three universities and graduated from two. He is a veteran and now spends most of his days in a dirty, poorly lighted garret killing trees. He can be contacted via email at: djelwell at mchsi.com

Mark Frietch is a Recruiting Consultant and Social Media Coach. His experiences have been with developing and implementing recruiting strategies for Fortune 500 companies in various industries. Mark also works with companies and individuals to develop social media marketing and branding plans. You can view his blog and background at http://www.markfrietch.com.

D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., is the bestselling author of Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online. D’vorah works with authors across the globe, through her book marketing coaching and training programs. Her flagship program on Virtual Book Tours has helped hundreds of authors promote their books. www.BookMarketingMadeEasy.com

Michelle Kabele – is dedicated marketing professional, Michelle Kabele has helped technology companies develop award-winning channel partner programs and strategies for 10+ years. She worked with Value Added Resellers throughout North America and thoroughly understands the realities and practicalities of planning and executing effective promotional, marketing, and sales campaigns

Sheri Bland, MSW, is a business strategist, trainer and coach with 30 years experience in professional organizations and businesses. She provides training, organizational improvement, workforce development, and management consulting. Her strengths lie in creative and practical resolution to the obstacles that occur with individuals and organizations. P: 815-477-3775 sheriabland at gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/sheribland

Andy Hughes is a Sales and Marketing consultant based in Derby, UK. He uses Sales and Marketing as a medium for organisations and individuals to better understand the connection it has on a social, personal and business level. Andy can be contacted directly at Sales and Marketing Consulting ahsalesandmarketing at gmail.com and on LinkedIn.

Julia Gorelik – Certified Professional Coach from ICA (International Coach Academy), grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago and realized early on that her desire to help people was a part of her life’s purpose and where she received the most fulfillment. Julia Gorelik offers complementary trial sessions, contact her at (312)638-0888, Julia at Fulfillingfuture.com.

Sandra Larkin, President Sandra Larkin Wellness Strategies, LLC, is an international motivational speaker on workplace health and wellness. Professional qualifications include: Certified Wellness Program Manager, Intrinsic Health Coach, multiple Corporate Facilitation Certifications and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Sandra has over 25 years of leadership, time and project management experience.

Lynnette Phillips finds passion in helping authors market their books, writing and staying abreast of the inner workings of the literary world. She has shares her marketing tips via her blogs and books and is a frequent guest blogger and interviewee. Visit her at http://everydaybookmarketing.com/ or find her books on Amazon.com in the Kindle Store.

Linda Eenigenburg remains an active Toastmaster, having recently served as Area and Division Governor in her District. She also earned the title of Distinguished Toastmaster in 2011. She is currently a Metrics Analyst with Aon Hewitt, and continues exploring all the exciting twists and turns this life has to offer.

Dick Hattan has spent his entire working career in the health care industry in senior management positions in hospitals and retirement communities. He resides in Geneva, Illinois, with his wife, Karen, and their dog Xoe. He is the author of Healing Memories, a book of poetry.

Mark Cummuta – Strategic executive consultant to the US Department of Defense and Board member for Hiring for Hope. Mark, as CIO/CTO & VP with full P&L authority, led award-winning product development, consulting services teams and his own CIO Advisory Services firm since 2003. A speaker and author on CIO & startup strategies, ITSM/ITIL and BPM, Lean Six Sigma, data warehousing and executive search he served our country as a US Marine. Mark earned dual MBAs from Loyola University of Chicago, studied Intellectual Property Protection law and is named on several technical patents.

Matt Lossau is just an ordinary guy, with an ordinary job, and a belief that the world is best changed by ordinary people. He is passionate about leading and challenging ordinary people to take audacious actions that bring hope to the hopeless. Follow him at http://mattlossau.com, and on Twitter @MattLossau.

Stefen Levy President Management Search, enjoys multiple passions at the same time. His has unbridled love and respect for big cats, motorcycles and Blues www.cruisinblues.com on his Harley iPod. He led 100 bikes from the Top Cats Motorcycle Club to visit and support some magnificent lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

Maria Odiamar Racho – Is an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant at Allstate Insurance. She studies culture change and leadership as her hobby while actively involved in various community efforts both in and out of work. Maria lives in Glenview, Illinois, with her husband and two children. She would love to hear what you are passionate about. @mracho.

Mark Stelzner, founder of Inflexion Advisors, brings twenty years of experience to internal and external HR transformational initiatives for public and private sector clientele worldwide. Mark has brought over $3.5 billion worth of value to his clients and employers. Mark founded JobAngels.org, a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals find gainful employment, which merged with Hiring for Hope.

Susan Schuerr, an educator and writer, lives in Fox River Grove with her husband, Larry. They have three grown children and five grandchildren. Sue taught English and Drama at Cary-Grove High School in IL. She recently published a story in an anthology entitled Falling in Love with You. See www.lifewithlarry.org.

Wally Amos – America’s favorite cookie baker personally produces small batches of his original cookies not far from his Honolulu home. They are literally hand-made from scratch from the exact recipe he used in 1975 when he opened the world’s first cookie store. Visit Wamos Cookies.

April M. Williams is passionate about increasing business revenue through social media marketing. April has guided learners of all levels, from the social media phobic to the experienced, on how to develop credibility and create their brand. A nationally recognized speaker, author and trainer, April shares her marketing tips via CyberLife Tutors and books.

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