7 Tips for Using New Pinterest Secret Boards

Pinterest launched Secret Boards and each Pinterest member will find three of these new boards at the bottom of their profile page. Unlike publicly visible content on original Pinterest boards, pictures on Secret Boards is restricted.

Secret Boards are not visible by others and the secret setting can only be chosen for  new new Pinterest boards. Existing public boards will always stay public.

There are 7 tips on how you can use Pinterest Secret Boards.

  1. Collaborate with friends or business partner on a Pinterest Secret Board for a new project. Post project plans and status reports to keep everyone informed.
  2. Offer personalized service to your customers when working one on one. Create a Pinterest Secret Board to use to store meeting notes, next steps and ideas.
  3. Use a Pinterest Secret Board to collect ideas for upcoming blog posts, ebooks or special reports.
  4. Reward your best customers and share your top tips on a Pinterest Secret Board. Let them be the first to learn about the latest news on your company and your industry.
  5. Begin curating photos on your Secret Pinterest Board before a new product launch. On the day of launch, you can make your board public by toggling the “Secret” switch to off.
  6. Plan a surprise party with a group of friends using a Secret Board. Plan dates, times, locations and logistics.
  7. Busy people need to recharge their batteries. Pin travel ideas to a Pinterest Secret Board to share vacation ideas with your family.
Pinterest Secret Board
Toggle to “secret” to create a private Pinterest Secret Board

Gather and organize pictures on your new Pinterest Secret Boards. Create Secret boards to collaborate with specific customers or peers.

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