Ford Fiesta Movement Blog Campaign

Instead of using old marketing techniques, Ford is introducing the new Fiesta to the U.S. with the Fiesta Movement Campaign. During this promotion they areĀ giving the cars to 100 bloggers throughout the country. During the next six months, Ford hopes the bloggers will promote the car to their followers through social networking.

My brother, in the market for a car heard about the campaign. There were a couple cars in the Chicago area but he could not find a way to contact the drivers. He called me for assistance.

I went online and found one of the bloggers Derek PrettyBoy Dow @Oprettyboy1 on Twitter. A few tweets between us and we had an appointment scheduled for my brother to view and sit in the car. Less than twenty four hours elapsed between my brother’s first call to me and his email to all thanking everyone for their help.

Thanks for your help Derek. Search for hashtag #fiestamovement to learn more.

4 thoughts on “Ford Fiesta Movement Blog Campaign”

  1. What fun to drive a Fiesta. The one I drove was Spring Green. It was decorated with some fancy black trim on the sides. It is hard for me to realize the size of the car when it was by itself. So, I imagine it to be comparable to a Beetle Bug, but more distinctive. The outside mirrors had a special design for clearer vision. This car also has heated front seats. It was not difficult for me to enter and exit the car. I hope to own this beauty in the very near future. You can wave as I go by.

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