Google Privacy Policy Changes November 2013

Google is updating their privacy policy with three changes as of November 2013. The biggest change is the way Google may use our profile name and photo in Google products specifically advertisements. Google refers to this as a Shared Endorsement. This may include reviews, advertising and other commercial contexts. When our connections are on Google products, they may see our photo near a product in those cases where we “Liked” (+) or posted a comment.

Google says this is a way to give our friends the “most useful information.” By posting our profile picture within a product ad, Google is implying that we endorse the product. This may or may not be the situation.

If you choose, you can adjust this Shared Endorsement setting on Google’s Shared Endorsement page.

Google makes lots of money from search and advertising. Do you think it is right for them to use our personal profile image to promote products and services to our connections? Click below and let us know what you think.

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