Lisa Deon Ignite Your Passion Book Author Interview

An interview with our “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark” Amazon Kindle anthology co-author Lisa Deon.

CyberLife Tutors: You are a co-author of “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark. “What is it that you are passionate about?
Lisa Deon: I love animals, especially horses and dogs, and am passionate about pet responsibility, particularly when it comes to spaying and neutering. There is a glut of dogs, cat and horses in the United States, and during the past few years, because of fiscal issues, some of them were surrendered, dumped, or left to starve. The decision to bring a pet into your family is a long term commitment, and should not be entered into lightly. So before you fall in love with the “purebred” dog being sold from a box on the frontage road at the local Wal-Mart, consider volunteering at your local animal shelter. You might end up finding the perfect fit for your family while helping other displaced animals.

CyberLife Tutors: Why did you contribute this specific story to “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark?”
Lisa Deon: I have been fortunate to have kept my involvement with horses most of my life now, and although I no longer have a farm and the luxury of looking out my kitchen window to see my favorite equines cavorting in the back yard, I can still show my love for these noble animals by writing about them.

CyberLife Tutors: Is this your first published book? If not, what other books have you published?
Lisa Deon: This was my first published book but it is not my only published book. “The Carriage Trade”, book one of The Carriage Chronicles, is available at Amazon and Smashwords as eBooks, and in paperback at Amazon and Createspace. Splitting The Difference, a Carriage Chronicle short, is available exclusively for Kindle at Amazon and book two in The Carriage Chronicles, The Re-Education of the One Trick Pony, will be available Spring 2013.

CyberLife Tutors: What else would you to share with our readers?
Lisa Deon: Ask for Lisa for a carriage ride tour at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

CyberLife Tutors: You have a special offer for our readers?Lisa Deon: For a limited time use coupon code KD29H to purchase “The Carriage Tradeat  for 25% off the regular retail price of $3.99. This coupon is valid until March 1, 2013.CyberLife Tutors: How can readers contact you?
Lisa Deon: I’m on Twitter @LisaDeon and on Facebook as LisaDeon. Check out my website or email me at Lisa at LisaDeon. It’s pretty much a Lisa Deon festival.

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