Sheri Bland Ignite Your Passion Author Interview

An interview with our “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark” Amazon Kindle anthology co-author Sheri Bland.

CyberLife Tutors: You are a co-author of “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark. “What is it that you are passionate about?
Sheri Bland: I am passionate about holding onto the truth that “life is good”. With all the obstacles, struggles and negativity in life, I want my life to matter, to be a life well lived so that I can end well and say, “it was all worth it, I did my best, helped change my world and had a good time doing it!” I don’t want to just survive life- I want to live it ABUNDANTLY and bring others alongside me to do the same. As I said in my article-conceptualizing what your passion is can be confusing; but thinking about what excites you, energizes you, what cranks up your interest helps you identify your passion.

CyberLife Tutors: Why did you contribute this specific story to “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark?”
Sheri Bland: In my own season of change and transition, I was ignited by the idea of how to hold onto, discover and re-invent my own passion. I recalled writing out my personal life statement at a leadership training I presented, and that has been an anchoring statement for me. I see that I continue to do and be all that I wrote out in those 2 sentences, though the way I do it differs in various seasons. I thought it might be helpful to others to be able to actually write out what their personal passion and mission statement is in “The Passion Equation”. Thinking about it is one thing; actually doing it will help you articulate your passion and purpose.

CyberLife Tutors: Is this your first published book? If not, what other books have you published?
Sheri Bland: This is my first chapter in a book, but I have several magazine articles published and have authored in newsletters, professional publications and newspapers.

CyberLife Tutors: What else would you to share with our readers
Sheri Bland: Through my experiences as a business and life coach, business trainer, counselor for 30 years, manager, and parent, I have seen people who have lived life well, and those who have succumbed to obstacles and live in a defeated way. I believe that there is always a new and better way to overcome. I have come alongside many to be help them be authentic, find their way through the fog, become strong and victorious and gain new ways to solve problems. My passin is to help others live the life they want through making the changes they need, both personally and in the business world. My “sweet spot” (which is also my mission statement for Sheri Bland Solutions) is helping others to “move to the the next level with strategies and solutions for their personal and professional life.”

CyberLife Tutors: How can our readers contact you?
Sheri Bland: Readers can contact me My blog through my website at Sheri Bland Solutions.

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