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Mari Smith Webinar Facebook 2012: What You Need to Know

Here is great news on a Facebook event I’m excited to share with you because it comes from a true leader in the social media space!

Many of you are trying to get social media to work for your business and are looking for guidance. Mari Smith provides some of the best guidance there is for making sense of it all.

And as entrepreneurs and small businesses owners, we are all interested in getting better at Facebook marketing and relationship marketing in a big way.

I’m VERY excited to share Mari’s Facebook Marketing for 2012 webinar replay with you. You will find it very informative. You’re invited to attend for free!


Many of us are overwhelmed with all the recent changes over at Facebook. Sometimes it’s tough to stay ahead and use the world’s largest social network to guarantee consistent visibility, engagement and growth for your business.

That’s why Mari’s offering this free webinar, to get you up to speed on Facebook Marketing right at the start of the year. It’s all about the best ways to develop a raving fan base so that they REALLY connect with you and love to buy from you.


I recommend you register right away for Mari’s first big Facebook event of 2012.  I have already watched this webinar and can tell you it is a great way to start this year off with a big boost to our Facebook marketing for 2012!


After the webinar, let me know what you found most beneficial.

Mari Smith webinar