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Social Media Post Ideas When Legal Regulations Apply

Legal regulations can restrict the types of public comments for those in legal, finance and other fields. Members of regulated fields often tell me they cannot use any social media sites for this reason. Comments they make could be interpreted as legal or financial advice and come back to haunt them. Of course, any qualified professional would not make blanket recommendations intended for everyone. I certainly cannot recommend any one social media solution for all businesses.

These lawyers and financial managers see others engaging with prospects, building credibility and defining their brand. They want to get involved in social media but they do not want to risk future legal battles.

I ask them if they are barred from using any social media site. The answer is usually “No.” They can use the sites but cannot give professional advice.

Do you feel like you can't use social media?
Do you feel like you can’t use social media?

Here are ideas for those of you in legal, financial or other professions would like to take part in social media sites and are required to restrict your comments. These techniques develop your brand and credibility while showing you stay current with relevent news in your field.

  • Read online business sections of the paper and post links to stories of interest to your customers and prospects.
  • Post government housing starts, unemployment rates and other timely statistics.
  • Share commentary or opinion articles and ask others if they agree or disagree.
  • Let others know about community or local charity events.
  • Highlight news about your customers.

What other ways can professional share news and topical information without giving individual advice?