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FourSquare Location Based Social Networking Website

FourSquare is a geo-location-based social networking application accessed millions of times each day as members check in at locations using smartphones. With this mobile marketing tool, users earn FourSquare badges, become mayor of a venue and claim discounts. Mayor status is earned by checking in the most times and this is your most loyal customer.

Businesses use FourSquare to attract and retain customers. With FourSquare tools for business, your first step is to claim your business venue. Edit details, add a link to your website and Twitter handle. You can set up free marketing campaigns and specials like the “Newbie Special”, “Swarm Special” or “Mayor Special”.

Monitor your campaigns with the Merchant Dashboard with venue stats to get a statistical breakdown on your visitors.

FourSquare apps are available the Iphone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm and many other smartph0ne devices.

Contact us and to get your business started with FourSquare.