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How to gain influence on Twitter? Focus

Do you wonder how to gain influence on Twitter? Amy Gahran gives advice in her article “How to gain influence on Twitter? Focus”. As she notes, influence is more than the number of followers you have. Tweeting on a single topic is more likely to gain influence among followers.

Influence follows followers. If you do not have followers, no one will hear your message. Start by building a solid base of followers and you will grow you influence as you tweet  messages.

Grow your Twitter Influence
Grow your Twitter Influence

We wrote our tips on how to Magnify your Message With Twitter and enjoy our readers success stories. Check out the ways we show you how you can build your twitter following quickly with our six step approach.

Take our challenge, build your Twitter following to over 500 followers.

Twitaholic is one site where you can measure your influence on Twitter. Here is my ranking for my location. Today, I rank #2 in the Chicago area.

Other tools I use include Twitter Grader from Hubspot where my rank today is #3 and Klout where I rank “Specialist”.

Note, rankings change day to day. How do you rank? What do you think of these tools?

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