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7 Tips: Professional Social Media Profile Photos Stand Out

Social media profile photos taken by professionals are easy to spot. They give your profile credibility. On the other hand, amateur shots also stand out though not for the right reasons. With social media sites, often your picture is the first thing a prospective hiring manager or potential client will see. You only have one chance to make your first impression.

Here are 7 recommendations to get the most from your social media profile photos.

  1. Do have a professional photographer take your picture. A good photographer will capture you at your best.
  2. Lighting makes all the difference. Professional photographers know how to use lighting to enhance your features.
  3. Do not use an avatar, logo or other graphic instead of a profile photo. This is your opportunity to allow others to see you and feel connected. It is also against most sites term of service and your account may be deleted.
  4. Post the same picture on all your social media sites for continuity. Others will be sure to recognize you when they see the familiar photo.
  5. Just you in the picture. Your profile is only about you. Do not post a group shot or you with your spouse. This is especially important with LinkedIn profiles.
  6. Use a head shot for your profile photo and not a full profile. We want to connect and recognize you. With a full length shot, your features are too small to recognize. Want to see and recognize you.
  7. Update your picture every one or two years. Some of my connections have not changed their profile pictures in years. Once I met a new contact at a restaurant and walked right past them because they no longer resembled the person pictured in their social media profile.

Before you hand your cell phone to a friend to shoot a photo of you, consider what a professional photographer can do for you. Here are two profile photos shot by professional photographers Jared Silver and Carlos Vergara.

Did you hire a professional photographer to take your social media profile picture? Click comment below and tell us.

April M. Williams
April M. Williams profile photo by Jared Silver.


April M. Williams profile photo by Carlos Vergara
April M. Williams profile photo by Carlos Vergara