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Social Networking for Business Presentation Schaumburg Library

Is your business on the fence about getting started with social networking? Are you overwhelmed by the choices of tools available and do not know where to start? If so, the Schaumburg Library is the place to be on October 25 at 7PM for this “Social Networking for Business” session.

Social networking coach and trainer April M. Williams will give an overview of the most effective free social networking tools available for businesses to engage with customers. You will leave with tools to build your brand and begin a dialog with prospects. Learn how to promote yourself and sell your “stuff” to new customers.

Social media is made up of a variety of online tools which provide a place to communicate and network. Learn about the different types of social media and how they can be used to expand your customer base from expert April M. Williams.

•         What is social networking?
•         Why it makes sense to market your business using social media
•         How to find customers and market your business using social media
•         What social media sites to use
•         How to get started with social networking

April M. Williams, a nationally recognized speaker, author, coach and blogger actively leverages the power of social networking tools. April is President of CyberLife Tutors and shows clients how to leverage their strengths to enhance their business.  Williams is the author of “Social Networking Throughout Your Career” and has been featured in major publications including the Wall Street Journal, Project Management Institute, Savvy, Business Journal, Nations Restaurant News and CBS Chicago News.

Contact the Schaumburg Library to register for this free session and arrive early to reserve your seat. The last session April led at the Schaumburg Library so well attended it was standing room only. The Schaumburg Library is located at 130 South Roselle Road Schaumburg, IL 60193.

Schaumburg Library Poster from April M. Williams previous presentation
Schaumburg Library Poster from April M. Williams previous presentation