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Creative Way to Use Twitter to Get Hired

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Twitter feed

Looking for a creative ways to use Twitter to get hired? Ed Morita posted a link to this Alltop video on using Twitter to land a job. Using five different Twitter accounts, they targeted specific people in their industry involved in hiring decisions.

This creative use of Twitter worked. They successfully landed jobs in their field by gaining the attention of those in a position to hire them.

The online profiles and 140 character tweets reenforced their message.

What other creative ways have you discovered for using Twitter to enhance your career? Click on Comments and tell us your ideas.




One thought on “Creative Way to Use Twitter to Get Hired”

  1. It’s ridiculously essential to use new creative ways like Twitter to get jobs. People need to understand we are so past the original conservative business climate, unless you’re in something like law that is. Given the economic climate, new innovate young businesses have come up, and that’s translating into the business world. Let’s start a movement people!

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