Get a Google Plus Business Page Vanity URL

Google Plus Business or Personal pages are now available to all. I created pages for myself and two businesses then noticed the page URLs are lengthy. A long URL is hard to remember and accurately type into a computer. I used a neat tool to shorten the URL to a memorable set of characters.

Here are examples of how the original Google Plus URLs look compared to the shorter versions of the URL.


You can create your own vanity URLs at Just enter the original Google Plus page URL and the desired new URL. Your will then have a Google Plus page URL http://gplus/username.

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7 thoughts on “Get a Google Plus Business Page Vanity URL”

      1. That’s because those social networks DO let you have vanity URL’s, which is a feature offered through their settings. If you change the URL of a facebook fanpage, that is it’s permanent address and can be seen in your address bar. If you follow your links, you still have that ugly long URL that you were trying to change.

        Not a vanity URL, just a shortened one. Like or other URL shorteners

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