How to Use Google Plus for Marketing Your Business

How to use Google Plus for marketing your business was one of the topics we covered at this months free Social Media Roundtable at the Shah Center in McHenry. Few of the attendees were aware of Google Plus and how to use it as a marketing tool. Visit our CyberLife Tutors calendar to learn more […]

Start a Google Plus Hangout and Video Chat With 10 Friends

Hangouts is a popular Google Plus feature where up to 10 people can video chat online together at one time. To get started, log into your Google Plus account. Used to facilitate group video chat with a maximum of 10 people participating in a single Hangout at any point of time. However, anyone on the […]

Google Search Plus Your World Joins with Google Plus Search

Google begins rolling out “Google Search Plus Your World” on 1/10/12 which incorporates posts, comments and pictures from those you are connect with through Google Plus. Google introduces these big changes which impact search capabilities and results. Previously, Google search took into account your personal information and location to customize your search results to make them […]

Get a Google Plus Business Page Vanity URL

Google Plus Business or Personal pages are now available to all. I created pages for myself and two businesses then noticed the page URLs are lengthy. A long URL is hard to remember and accurately type into a computer. I used a neat tool to shorten the URL to a memorable set of characters. Here […]

Google Plus Business and Organizations Pages

Businesses and organizations can now create a Google Plus pages to market themselves joining millions of individuals. You can set up your Google Plus page following these steps. Visit the Google Plus Page at Select the type of page you like Fill out the contact info on the About page Upload a logo or […]

Google Plus is Now Open to All

When Google’s new social networking site Google+ launched several months ago, it was invitation only. To create an profile, someone had to send you an email with an invitation. As of this week, Google+ is available to everyone. Like Facebook, Google+ is changing and evolving rapidly. There is even a Google+ app for your Android […]

Finding People on Google Plus How To

If you joined Google+ you may wonder how to find new people to add to your circles. There is a search box at the top of the Google+ page. Using this method is effective if you know the name of the person you want to follow. Other times, I am looking for those and I […]

What is a Google Plus Account

Google+ is a new social networking site from Google. Launched in beta mode in July 2011, the site had 10 million users within two weeks. This figure is more amazing because during the pilot, an invitation was required to join. Here are how to resources so you can get started with Google+ quickly. An email […]

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