What is a Google Plus Account

Google+ is a new social networking site from Google. Launched in beta mode in July 2011, the site had 10 million users within two weeks. This figure is more amazing because during the pilot, an invitation was required to join.

Here are how to resources so you can get started with Google+ quickly.

  1. An email address is required to sign up for Google+. If you ask for an invitation, be sure to include your preferred email address with your request.
  2. Create your profile. Include your work experience, hobbies and any other information which is relevant to your background. Include keywords in your descriptions.
  3. Find connects using the search box. When you add contacts, you will see there updates in your stream.
  4. Organize your contacts into groups or circles as Google+ calls them. Cluster people by how you know them, relationship to you or any other way that works for you. Google notifies them they were added to a circle but does not state the name of the circle.

    Google+ Social Networking Site from Google

    Google+ Social Networking Site from Google

For more information read more tips for Google+ Newbies.

If you would like an invite to join Google+ enter a comment below including your preferred email address.

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