How to Import Your Blog to Facebook Automaticly Using Notes

Would you like your blog posts to appear in Facebook every time you publish a new post? There is a way to update your Facebook pages settings to import blog posts and display them on your Facebook page using the Facebook Note application.

You can import your blog posts to your Facebook profile page or your Facebook fan page. Here is how to set up Facebook to import new posts from your blog.

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Go to your profile or Fan page.
  3. Click on the Notes tab. If you do not see a Notes tab, click on the + and selected the Notes application.
  4. Click on “Write a Note”. Create a test note, then save as draft.
  5. Click on “Edit Import Settings”
  6. On the “Import External Blog” page, enter the web URL of your blog feed. Click the check box on then click “Start Importing.”

Once the set up is complete, each time you write a new post on your blog the post will display on your Facebook page.

Where Are You Today travel blog

Where Are You Today travel blog

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