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Facebook Rolls Out Friendship and Couples Pages

Facebook creates new friendship and couples Pages combining posts, photos and events that you and another person shared on your Timeline. No need for Facebook members to take action as Facebook creates these pages for you.

If you have a Facebook account, visit any one of your friend’s profiles. Next, click on the gear at the top of the page near the Messages button. Click on “See Friendship.”

Facebook see friendship page

Facebook also introduces new Couples pages. Facebook automatically creates these Couples pages when members change their status to “in a relationship.”

If you are a Facebook member in a relationship, check out your Couples page.

What do you think of the new Facebook Friendship and Couples pages?


Who Uses Social Networking Sites? You Might Be Surprised

Older adults are using social media sites despite the myth that they are offline. The Pew Research Center recently published these internet usage statistics by age. These statistics may surprise you. According to their research, 34% of adults over 65 years of age now use social networking sites. This is a dramatic rise from just 1% in 2006. Computer usage in schools led to high internet and social networking use among younger adults. It is less startling to see the highest social networking usage is for those between 18-29 years of age. As you can see from the Pew Research Center graph below, the social media adoption rate among older age groups is must steeper than for younger users.

Social networking usage by age group 2005 – 20012. Graph courtesy Pew Research Center

For businesses, these statistics are valuable for knowing how best to reach your target audience. Few of us have the time or energy to actively participate on every social networking site. We are more effective with our time by selecting social media sites which are most likely to reach our desired audience. For instance, there are almost twice as many men (63%) using LinkedIn as there are women (37%). Pinterest, a virtual bulletin board social networking site only two years old and already almost one fifth (19%) of women have accounts.

Can your business ignore Facebook? The Pew Research Center says that 92% of adults use Facebook. With 100 million members, can you afford to miss out on the opportunity to reach so many people?

What is luring older adults to the internet and social networking? The wish to connect with others. Grandparents want to see real-time photos and get updates on their grandchildren. We can share experiences with friends and family whether they are across town or on the other side of the globe. In a typical day, I interact online with friends in Japan, England, Hawaii, Florida, Texas, California and beyond.

Click on comments and let us know which social networking sites you find are best for your business.

Social Media Personalized

Social media marketing is challenging for small businesses in McHenry County. Just keeping up with Facebook changes is almost a full-time job. Did you know there assistance for businesses in McHenry County and it will not cost you an arm and a leg?Bring your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, FourSquare, YouTube, Twitter questions and more.

Check out the social media marketing programs offered at the Shah Center in McHenry just for small business owners. The Shah Center is a part of the Illinois Small Business Development Center.

Social Media Roundtable: A no-cost seminar to discuss the latest trends in social media marketing and share various approaches with your peers. A social media professional will help facilitate the discussion and be available for questions. There is no fee to attend, reservations required as seating is limited.

Social Media for Small Business: Do you have questions about social media? Want hands-on help? Bring your questions to our computer classroom and work with a social media expert. Learn new ways to reach and engage an online audience and boost your bottom line through the use technologies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Cost: $30.

Consulting: The Shah Center consulting services are free to all clients, start-up entrepreneurs, owners and managers of businesses. We’ve helped businesses in our area attract customers, improve their operations, increase sales, and get financing. We can review your business plan before you talk to your banker to help you prepare. Use our research and contacts to strengthen your plan, improve your operations or develop your marketing and e-business strategies. Plus, we catalog and track all federal, state and local government business assistance programs. We offer counseling and seminars/workshops on these and other topics:

  • Business planning, people and other business management issues
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Finance and accounting, regulation and taxation
  • Production and operations, office automation and computer training
  • Business data analysis, technology and other issues necessary to promote business growth
  • Operational, project and strategic planning techniques

All classes are held at the Shah Center.  The McHenry County College Shah Center at 4100 W. Shamrock Lane in McHenry, near Centegra Hospital. For more information or to register, please contact the Illinois Small Business Development Center at (815) 455-6098 or sbdc at mchenry.edu.

For information on all of CyberLife Tutors presentations, workshops, classes and events visit our events calendar.


Fine Featherheads Family Loves Their Facebook Community

My friends at Fine Featherheads know how to create a Facebook community. The Fine Featherheads Facebook page is always buzzing with activity and comments from their fans.

What keeps fans coming back to their page? It is a fun destination! Use of lots of pictures are visually appealing to read. Frequent visitors know there are often chances to win products too. The Fine Featherhead Family makes an effort to respond to comments from their fans in a timely manner. Visit their page and let them know I sent you.

Fine Featherheads are best known for their feather hair extensions and ship both retail and to salons around the world. Dakota and her partner Ryan visit campuses and beauty shows near and far. Check out their Fine Featheheads blog to read about their adventures.

Who are the Fine Featherheads? Fine Featherheads was first born in early 2010 when founder Dakota Hills started selling feathers at concerts and farmers markets in Boulder, CO with her sister Dana. Dakota quickly saw the greater potential of these beautiful creations and started visiting salons across the country to show off her product. The product literally sold itself and word spread like wildfire.

Now Dakota has a whole staff and the Fine Featherhead Family assists her with production, packaging, shipping and customer service. Check out the Fine Featherheads on Facebook.

Facebook Converts all Business Pages to New Timeline

FACEBOOK TIMELINES: Facebook is converting all Business Pages to the new Timeline format on March 30, 2012.

Facebook Logo

WHAT IF I DON”T UPGRADE MY BUSINESS PAGE?  In the Cover Photo section of your page, you’ll get a white space with your profile picture floating in the lower left corner. Much of your new page will be have no content.

CAN CYBERLIFE TUTORS UPGRADE MY BUSINESS PAGE? Yes! We can upgrade your business page to the new format

WHAT WILL I GET WITH MY UPGRADE? After CyberLife Tutors upgrades your page to new Timeline for Business format, your page will have:

– Refreshed page look and feel

– Installed cover and profile with photo/image you choose

– Display apps: Photos, Videos, Likes, Events, and Map for Place Pages

– Add up to 4 milestones on your timeline

– Reviewed page and updated page setting for maximum fan engagement

– Your review before publishing

– Guide for “How to keep your Timeline Fresh”

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Just $99 for your complete conversion, page review, settings updates and “How to Keep Your Facebook Page Timeline Fresh” guide.

HECK YES! HOW DO I GET STARTED? Reply to this email and let us know you are ready to start. We will send you an invoice and questionnaire to gather key information about your page. Your page will be converted to the new Timeline in a couple of days.

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: Need a hand monitoring your Facebook page and engaging with fans? We can manage your Facebook page for you. Posts great content 4 times a week, engage and reply to comments from your community, answer basic questions when we can or we’ll contact you to get the right answer, monitor spam. Our responses are always geared toward cultivating customers and generating sales for you!  Save $ with an annual subscription.

Questions? Just give us a call on our 24 hour voice mail 414-604-6635.

Update Your Facebook Profile Settings to Restict Access

Facebook Profile Settings can be adjusted to restrict the amount of information you share with others. Some people are comfortable keeping a tight rein on their settings while others are less adverse to sharing. You can update your settings whichever way you choose.

To view or change your Facebook Profile Settings, start at  your profile page.

Profile settings

  1. Profile page, select “About.
  2. Click on Edit to Restrict personal information in each “About You” section.
  • I recommend you do not show your year of birth. This information can be used in identity thefts.
  • Update “Contact info” to show only that information that you are comfortable displaying.
  • Facebook Likes appear when Facebook automatically connects you with Community or Business Pages based on the music, books and movie you enter on your profile. To remove these references, visit the page and click “unlike”.

When these settings are adjusted to your satisfaction, be sure to click on “save”.

Update Your Facebook Privacy Settings for Your Comfort Level

Facebook with over 8,ooo,oooo users is a place to connect with friends. Facebook privacy setting can be confusing. If you do use Facebook, here are ways you can utilize Facebook privacy settings to restrict who sees the comments, pictures and videos you post.

On the upper right corner of Facebook, select “Privacy Settings” using the drop down arrow next to “Home.” One this page, you can set your Privacy Seeings to your comfort level. To strictly resist your content, choose “Friends” for most of these settings.

Facebook Privacy Settings choices:

  1. “Control Your Default Privacy” which apply to status updates and photos you post to your timeline from a Facebook app that doesn’t have the inline audience selector, like Facebook for Blackberry. Choose: “Public”, “Friends” or “Custom.”
  2. Adjust “How You Connect” to control how you connect with people you know.
  3. Adjust “How Tags Work” to control what happens when friends tag you or your content. “Timeline Review of posts friends tag you in before they go on your Timeline” (note: tags may still appear elsewhere on Facebook)
    *** When disabled, people can tag you in photos or status updates, and those items will automatically go to your Timeline.
    *** When enabled, you will be allowed to review it first. These posts will still exist in the timeline of the friend who created the content just not your Timeline until you approve it.
  4. Adjust Apps and Websites to control what gets shared with apps, games and websites.
  5. Adjust “Limit the Audience for Past Posts” to limit the audience for posts you shared with friends of friends or Public.
  6. Adjust “Blocked People and Apps” to manage the people and apps you’ve blocked.

After adjusting each of these settings, click on “Done” to save your choices.

By customizing your Facebook privacy settings, you control access to who sees the content you choose to share with others.

Facebook Privacy Starts With General Internet Best Practices

Fear of losing privacy on Facebook is one of the most common social networking fears I hear. People are concerned their personal information will become private, that everyone will know what they are doing or their financial data will be at risk.

While internet hacking does occur, your best defense begins with use of good general internet best practices. This is the best protection for your internet privacy.

  1. Never share personal information or anything you are uncomfortable with others seeing. Even with privacy settings, things can get out and become public on any site.This goes for for comments, pictures, video or any other medium. My benchmark is this: Would I feel comfortable with my Mom or Grandmother seeing this remark or picture I posted? If the answer is “no”, I know it is a comment which should not be made public.
  2. Use strong passwords and change them often. Create mnemonics to help remember your passwords. For example: “every good boy deserves fudge”  -> egbdf.
  3. Use a different passwords for each site so if someone gets access, they cannot get into all of your accounts.

This is some risk with any internet site. By using internet best practices, you are more likely to retain your privacy and keep your data secure.

What Does Bob Newhart Know about Social Media and Websites?

What does Bob Newhart know about social media and websites? And what can we learn from his example? Do you really need a website?

When I visited Bob Newhart’s website I was greeted with a huge photo of Bob Newhart smiling back at me from my computer screen. I admit being taken aback. The only other items on the page are a small Facebook and Twitter icons. Now, Bob is 82 years young and many of his fans are his generation. Bob uses social media to reach out and touch is fans because it is an effective form of communication.

He’s still got his famous brand of humor. Here is one of Bob’s recent tweets:

“Look at this @PerezHilton, I’m 82 & being hounded by the paparazzi! http://perezhilton.com/2012-01-05-bob-newhart-beverly-hills#.Tweal0r5Zg8

Do you need a website or is a social media page enough? Let me know how you weigh in on the topic.

Bob Newhart in Chicago
Bob Newhart in Chicago. Photo credit Bob Newhart