New LinkedIn Profile Layout Released in Phases

I now have the updated new LinkedIn profile layout. Over the past months, LinkedIn began rolling out the new design to members. The new look features bolder heading to divide sections and highlights recent activity. There are more graphics on the page including company logos and icons for each section of the profile. Only the […]

Who Uses Social Networking Sites? You Might Be Surprised

Older adults are using social media sites despite the myth that they are offline. The Pew Research Center recently published these internet usage statistics by age. These statistics may surprise you. According to their research, 34% of adults over 65 years of age now use social networking sites. This is a dramatic rise from just […]

Social Media Personalized

Social media marketing is challenging for small businesses in McHenry County. Just keeping up with Facebook changes is almost a full-time job. Did you know there assistance for businesses in McHenry County and it will not cost you an arm and a leg?Bring your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, FourSquare, YouTube, Twitter questions and more. Check […]

Is LinkedIn Better Than Facebook for Business Networking?

Is LinkedIn Better Than Facebook for Business Networking? Will LinkedIn be replaced by the 800 pound gorilla? I do not think so. LinkedIn is still very relevant to the business community. Geoffrey James agrees in his article LinkedIn Will Outlive Facebook. Here’s Why. LinkedIn launched in 2003 and essentially has not changed much over the years. […]

LinkedIn Advanced Hands On Class at Algonquin Library

Free LinkedIn class for professionals at Algonquin Public Library. Are you on LinkedIn and wonder, ” Now what?” See how you can leverage those connections for your career. Learn how to leverage your LinkedIn network to discover the hidden job market and join groups to increase your chances of being found by recruiters. April M. […]

LinkedIn Etiquette Guide When Requesting Connections

LinkedIn is a professional networking tools used by millions of members throughout the world. The power of LinkedIn increases with the size of your network. Ask your friends and coworkers to join your LinkedIn network so you can stay in touch. I am often asked for suggestions when it comes to connecting with others. To […]

LinkedIn Follow Button for Your Companies Launches

LinkedIn launched a “Follow” button for companies this week. When you are logged into LinkedIn, just click on the Follow button to follow companies of interest. This is useful for job seekers, sales people, vendors and networking. With over 2 million companies on LinkedIn this is bound to be a helpful feature for everyone. Click […]

Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract New Opportunities To You

A 100% complete LinkedIn profile attracts those with possibilities. Job leads, sales prospects or partnership situations are looking for you. According to LinkedIn, “users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn!” Find out if your profile is 100% complete by looking on the right side of your LinkedIn “Edit […]

LinkedIn for Personal Marketing and Branding with Keith Warrick

Keith Warrick, my friend and fellow LinkedIn evangelist, was interviewed on BDPA Blog Talk Radio about professional social networking. Keith was an early adopter of Linkedin, becoming a member well before I joined April 1, 2005. In the BDPA interview Keith pointed out the benefits of LinkedIn goes far beyond an online resume. So many […]

LinkedIn Advanced for Professionals Hands On Training Course

Are you on LinkedIn, have dozens of connections  and thinking “Now what?” Wondering how to really used LinkedIn in your job search? Then this hands on class is for you. See how you can leverage your network to discover the hidden job market. Learn how joining groups can benefit your career. Find out how to […]

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