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Fall Back to School Triple Play Special Offer

It’s a special Back to School Triple Play offer for our CyberLife Tutors readers. Get all three career boosters for one low price.

  • Autographed copy of “Social Networking Throughout Your Career” paperback by April M. Williams $9.99 value. Learn how to make the most of social media tools for your professional life and take charge of your career.
  • Networking for Results” 51 minute DVD with April M. Williams recorded live at the North Suburban Career and Networking Center Northbrook $9.99 value. See how to use networking to get the results you what when looking for a new job.
  • Bonus 1 hour webinar “Leverage LinkedIn: Don’t be Linked Out” hosted by Loyola University and presented by April M. Williams $19.99 value. LinkedIn is a recruiters first tool for finding job candidates. Whether you are currently looking for employment or not, it is important to have a LinkedIn profile. In this webinar session, April M. Williams of CyberLife Tutors demonstrates the benefits of using Linkedin for professional networking. Topics covered include basic account types, creating your profile, getting connected, and joining groups. We will cover researching companies and applying for jobs using LinkedIn tools. At checkout you will be directed to the site to view. Learn how to really use LinkedIn as a job seekers tool and land your dream job.

Special back to school pricing all three for just $17.99! Limited time only. Click below to buy now.

Social Networking Throughout Your Career book cover
“Social Networking Throughout Your Career” book cover
Networking For Results DVD
“Networking For Results” DVD 51 minutes recorded live

LinkedIn Advanced for Professionals Hands On Training Course

Are you on LinkedIn, have dozens of connections  and thinking “Now what?” Wondering how to really used LinkedIn in your job search? Then this hands on class is for you. See how you can leverage your network to discover the hidden job market.
Learn how joining groups can benefit your career. Find out how to increase your chances of being found by recruiters. April M Williams demonstrates how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile. Students must already have a LinkedIn profile and know how to add connections.

“LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and an important tool for careers. Patrons are interested in learning more about using LinkedIn while they are employed and during job transitions”, said Lisa Guidarini, MLS, Adult Program Coordinator Algonquin Area Public Library District. “Author April M. Williams is an active LinkedIn user and has seen the benefits for her career.”

These sessions held January 29 and February 5, 2012. A LinkedIn Basics class will be held January 15, 2012. The LinkedIn Advanced for Professionals class is one of the many career related services and programs offered by the Algonquin Library.

Check April M. Williams and CyberLife Tutors calendar for the most current schedule of events.

Connect with April M. Williams on LinkedIn.

April Williams
Speaker, Author, Executive Coach, Blogger
Mobile: 414.502.7745 Email: april@cyberlifetutors.com
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Getting Started With LinkedIn for Professionals at Algonquin Library

Learn the basics of using LinkedIn professionally and launch your career forward in 2012. LinkedIn is a recruiters first tool for finding job candidates. Whether you are currently looking for employment or not, it is important to have a LinkedIn profile.
Come out the Algonquin Main Library for this session with speaker, author and coach April M. Williams.
See the benefits of using Linkedin for professional networking. Determine if you are an active or passive candidate. Topics covered include basic account types, creating your profile, getting connected, and joining groups. We will cover researching companies and applying for jobs using LinkedIn tools.
“Our patrons are interested in learning more about social networking tools to help them connect with other professionals.” said Lisa Guidarini, MLS, Adult Program Coordinator Algonquin Area Public Library District. “This programs highlights the benefits of using LinkedIn to build an online network and stay connected. Author April M. Williams is a long time LinkedIn member who actively uses her LinkedIn connections and groups to benefit her career.”

This session is January 15, 2012 from 2-4PM. Contact the Algonquin Library to register for this session. Reach the Algonquin Library online or call 847.458.6060. The Algonquin Main Library is located at 2600 Harnish Dr. Algonquin, IL 60102.

Visit April M. Williams’ LinkedIn profile by clicking on the links below.

April M. Williams
Speaker, Author, Executive Coach, Blogger
Mobile: 414.502.7745 Email: april@cyberlifetutors.com
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CyberLife Tutors

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LinkedIn Strategies for Your Career


April M. Williams
CyberLife Tutors
(414) 502-7745

Career Transitions Center of Chicago hosts a special presentation with speaker, author, blogger and coach April M. Williams on March 29, 2011.
ALGONQIUN, ILLINOIS – February 18, 2011
The Career Transitions Center of Chicago will feature author and executive coach April M. Williams and her presentation “Strategies to Be Found on LinkedIn” to land your dream job. Attendees will learn ways to make the most out of Linkedin to be more effective in their job search.

The session will be held from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm on Tuesday, March 29th in the Career Transitions Center Great Room at 703 West Monroe, Chicago, Illinois, 60661.

CNN says 84% of Americans plan to look for a new position this year. How will you differentiate yourself from the competition? Hiring managers and recruiters are looking for someone with your skills on LinkedIn. Will they find you? Master strategies to be noticed on LinkedIn and land your dream job. Learn in how you can benefit from the using LinkedIn in session with April M. Williams.

“No longer is a good web presence optional. Smart career management requires leveraging LinkedIn and other online capabilities. April is a valuable and informed resource and guide.”
–  Laura Sterkel, Director, Programs & Coaching, Career Transitions Center of Chicago.

With over 5,000 first level connection, April knows how to leverage LinkedIn and maximize the power of her network. Visit April’s LinkedIn profile to see her client, coworker and partner recommendations.

Offered to CTC clients and the public at no charge. Register by email to host@ctcchicago.org. For more information, contact Career Transitions Center of Chicago at (312) 906-9908.

April M. Williams, a nationally recognized speaker, author, coach and blogger actively leverages the power of social networking tools. April is President of CyberLife Tutors and shows clients how to leverage their strengths to enhance their business. April published a book “Social Networking Throughout Your Career” and has been featured in major publications including the Wall Street Journal, Project Management Institute, Savvy, Business Journal and Nations Restaurant News.

April 08

ABOUT CyberLife Tutors – Serving McHenry County, Northern Illinois and surrounding areas to promote business through low cost, high impact marketing, building relationships and driving results.

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Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters Book Review

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0: 1,001 Unconventional Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Landing Your Dream Job
icon is chock full of unconventional ideas for landing your perfect position. My copy is full of sticky notes, highlighting and writing in the margin. This updated version has over 1,000 ideas to jump start your job search.

Employees who remained in positions due to lack of job opening are getting restless. Many people are looking to move up to a better job. According to CNN.com, 84% of employees plan to look for a new position in 2011.

But Paul Bernard warns that they shouldn’t leave their day jobs too soon. “People need to have realistic expectations,” he cautioned. “It could still take 10 months to find a job.”

Which ones will be successful in landing their dream job? Those who use Guerrilla Marketing techniques to demonstrate credibility and brand awareness.

This book gives specific tactics on how to research companies and people through accessible tools. Using the author’s advice you can learn how to find email addresses for those you want to contact, gather information on interviewers and identify associations. The search tips make Google a much more useful tool delivering more specific results and making more effective use of your time.

Networking is one of my passions and this book devotes a chapter to this topic. Their approach includes both online and in person connecting. The “refer yourself” tip works for me.

Networking is about building awareness and relationships. To get hired, candidates have to stand out from the crowd. The book gives solid advice on writing, getting published and podcasting.

Public relations is not just for companies. Job candidates should also create and implement a PR strategy. Read the advice on how to tell dynamic stories to make your point in networking situations, job interviews or your writing.

Real life stories are sprinkled throughout the book giving practical examples of these concepts at work in the work place.

I recommend this book for anyone who is even thinking about changing jobs. You will shorten your job search by implementing the ideas in this book.

Social Networking for Career Coaches Helping Job Seekers

The Career Transition Center of Chicago is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization providing professional assistance to individuals in employment transition. CTC represents an alignment of academic institutions, faith communities, and businesses concerned with supporting people in their search for meaningful employment and sustainable success.

Over the past several years I worked with the Career Transition Center of Chicago providing coaching to job seekers. Laura Sterkel, Program Director, asked me to recommend resources for their coaches related to Social Networking. I am speaking to the group about social networking for a job search this week. Anita Jenke is the Executive Director.

Social Networks Are The Newest Recruiting Tool

I just read an article in Forbes that said social networks are the newest recruiting tool.

Here are a couple of LinkedIn statistics from the article:
* used by 80% of companies recruiting through the social Web.
* 90% of companies that recruit through social networks have successfully found candidates on LinkedIn.

I talk with recruiters and hiring managers every week who tell me the same thing. They research candidates online and what they find impacts their decision to follow up. They do not hire those who have negative comments or pictures on their profile.

Just as interesting, they do not hire people without a social networking presence either. They assume the candidate who is not online is “behind the times”, “out of touch”, “just not current”. Who wants to hire someone like this?

I am so passionate about the topic, so I had to write this book, Social Networking Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About? I go way beyond the basics in the book. My goal was to answer some of the deeper, more specific questions I’m asked.

What would you say to someone who asked you “Why should I join LinkedIn?”

LinkedIn Webinar for Columbia Alumni

Webinar: LinkedIn for Job Search
July 28 Noon – 1:15 pm Central
led by April M. Williams, Speaker, Author, Coach

Workshop Fee for Columbia College Alumni: $15 (Discounted from $32)

Learn how LinkedIn has helped 70 million professionals around the world further connection, create opportunities and build careers. This webinar is specifically for who are new to using LinkedIn and/or interested in how LinkedIn can serve their job search. Get an overview of key features along with important effectiveness and etiquette/protocol tips.

This fast-paced webinar highlights:
– Tailoring your profile to be noticed in your job search
– Building online networking connections
– Initiating introduction requests
– Effectively using groups
– Leveraging Q&A
– And more!

Sessions will last about 75 minutes with time for participant questions. Please note: your registration confirmation will include logon information and dial-in number (long distance charges may apply).

Basic computer knowledge and a computer with high-speed internet access and telephone.

Contact Information
Primary Contact
Cynthia Vargas

Date: July 28, 2010
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM
Location: online

More information

Find Us on Facebook Badge

How can you create a custom Facebook Badge for your Facebook profile, Facebook photos, Facebook “likes” or Facebook Page? Let Facebook help you.

Membership in Facebook grows every day. Your customers are out there and they want to connect with you. Make it easy for them to find you on Facebook and connect with you there.

Follow the directions on Facebook badge page to create the custom design of your choosing. Your badge can include your name, picture, recent status updates, number of friends and more. You can even customize the shape of your badge – taller or wider based on your preferences and where you plan to place the badge.

Why add the Facebook badge to your website or blog? To make it easy for others to find your Facebook page, find out more about you. They may even add you as a friend.

When they click on the badge, they go directly to your Facebook page.

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Resume Embellishing

Illinois politics is always interesting. This month, we learned one of our candidates has embellished his resume. In one instance, he took personal credit for an award his team earned. In a second instance, he over stated his role.

Politicians are elected by the voters and accountable to us – the citizens of the jurisdiction. It is our responsibility to pay attention and let them know how we feel.
Resume Design
Creative Commons License photo credit: CharlotWest
In business, it is not uncommon for an employee to be fired when they lie on their resume. This behavior is not tolerated in the work place. Those who misstate their experience or qualifications are not considered trustworthy. “At will” employees can be fired on the spot.

Why do we, as voters and citizens allow our politicians to behave this way? If this behavior is not acceptable to you, let those who represent you in government know how you feel. Take action and vote for your beliefs.