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Social Networking Throughout Your Career Book Free Chapter PDF

FREE Chapter (PFD) Social Networking Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About?

“I’m on LinkedIn, now what?”
“Where do I begin and HOW DO I KEEP UP?”
“How often should I blog, post video, “tweet” prospect & clients?”

After hearing these questions from my clients, I had to write this book, Social Networking Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About? I go way beyond the basics in this easy read. My goal is to answer your deeper, more specific questions.

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Social Networking Throughout Your Career book by April M. Williams

Keith Warrick says: This is an excellent primer on just how social networking tools have emerged as the primary go-to resources for finding job candidates and how one needs to effectively leverage and marshall them in order to attain professional/career aspirations. April does an excellent job outlining how all of them – Linkedin, FaceBook, Twitter, etc – have their place and value and offers excellent suggestions on just what one needs to do in order to stay on top of them. It’s all about developing an effective strategy and staying with it throughout one’s career not just when one is unemployed. Too many of us stop networking once we land a job thinking that it is no longer necessary. You’re wrong and this book tells you why. There are some valuable lessons here for anyone that does not think that having a positive social media presence is important in these times – it is mission critical. This book is an excellent reference that you can refer back to time and time again.

Suzanne Kauss “MY SPECIAL ASSISTANT” says: If you snooze on reading Social Networking you might as well keep snoozing! My title of this review is EXACTLY what I got from April’s book entitled “Social Networking Throughout Your Career”…..If you snooze on Social Networking you might as well keep snoozing! I was not even the least bit interested in social networking except for my personal Facebook page….after reading this book it was very clear to me there is no other way to market a business but social networking! The book covers many scenarios and I know you will find WHY you and/or your business NEED to get started. The urgency to learn more and get started was so overwhelming while I was reading this book, all I wanted to do was to get started NOW as I do not want to be left behind! Social Networking Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About?

Heidi Thorne Says: Ah, the power of Twitter to make connections! April M. Williams and I had connected on Twitter. I knew a little bit about her from her blog, website, and Twitter profile. Since we are both active networkers in the Chicagoland area, we decided to “tweetup” to get better acquainted.

When I arrived at a local Starbucks, I found April already chatting with a gentleman that she obviously had met at some other time. Come to find out, it was a client of hers. Yes, these chance meetings at Starbucks coffee stores do happen. But I think it points to another fact: April is a networking pro who has learned how to establish and maintain valuable relationships. She even was able to leverage her network to find a new job within only a few short weeks after a massive corporate layoff. So writing a book about social networking is a natural fit for her.

April’s book Social Networking Throughout Your Career is a quick and helpful introduction to the world of social media. I think it is especially suited for those folks who are barely on the on-ramp to these arenas. It discusses the pros and cons of the various networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook in a non-overwhelming manner that should help those on the fringes want to make the leap online.

What I particularly liked about the book, and true to its title, was that it emphasized how to use these networks “throughout your career.” Some networks and strategies are more appropriate to some life stages than others. Also unique to the book was the emphasis that one begin social networking for career purposes in high school. High school! That is a departure from the literature in this subject area which often does not address age issues. I think we do need to show teens how their online activities can enhance or detract from their future college and professional careers.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “It is not who you know. It is who you know knows.” Building your social networking channel can help you tap into that second “who you know knows” tier of contacts.

Sheri Bland says:  I read this book knowing I needed to get on board with social networking for my professional life. WOW! I was able to read it in a weekend and found it an ‘easy” read, not technically over my head, and it categorizes the various types of social networking tools and directs how and when to use them. It made me see that this IS where the business world is, and how I can navigate the tools to the best advantage for my business and career. I like how April laid out the different tools, analyzing your career stage and goals-I was able to set up my own Linked In account after completing the book. I highly recommend this book to professionals who need to know more, who want “how to’s” on where to go with social networking and who desire to market and build their business and career.

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Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters Book Review

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0: 1,001 Unconventional Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Landing Your Dream Job
icon is chock full of unconventional ideas for landing your perfect position. My copy is full of sticky notes, highlighting and writing in the margin. This updated version has over 1,000 ideas to jump start your job search.

Employees who remained in positions due to lack of job opening are getting restless. Many people are looking to move up to a better job. According to CNN.com, 84% of employees plan to look for a new position in 2011.

But Paul Bernard warns that they shouldn’t leave their day jobs too soon. “People need to have realistic expectations,” he cautioned. “It could still take 10 months to find a job.”

Which ones will be successful in landing their dream job? Those who use Guerrilla Marketing techniques to demonstrate credibility and brand awareness.

This book gives specific tactics on how to research companies and people through accessible tools. Using the author’s advice you can learn how to find email addresses for those you want to contact, gather information on interviewers and identify associations. The search tips make Google a much more useful tool delivering more specific results and making more effective use of your time.

Networking is one of my passions and this book devotes a chapter to this topic. Their approach includes both online and in person connecting. The “refer yourself” tip works for me.

Networking is about building awareness and relationships. To get hired, candidates have to stand out from the crowd. The book gives solid advice on writing, getting published and podcasting.

Public relations is not just for companies. Job candidates should also create and implement a PR strategy. Read the advice on how to tell dynamic stories to make your point in networking situations, job interviews or your writing.

Real life stories are sprinkled throughout the book giving practical examples of these concepts at work in the work place.

I recommend this book for anyone who is even thinking about changing jobs. You will shorten your job search by implementing the ideas in this book.

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    Social Networking Throughout Your Career: What's All the Buzz About
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Press Pause Moments Anthology

I was delighted when Anne Witkavitch asked me to participate in her “Press Pause Moments” anthology about women authors facing transition in their lives. As a co-author, I contributed a story about experiences with transition in my personal and professional life.

The 36 contributing women writers tell their individual stories of change, struggles and triumph.

Get your copy at Amazon.com.

Social Networking for Career Coaches Helping Job Seekers

The Career Transition Center of Chicago is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization providing professional assistance to individuals in employment transition. CTC represents an alignment of academic institutions, faith communities, and businesses concerned with supporting people in their search for meaningful employment and sustainable success.

Over the past several years I worked with the Career Transition Center of Chicago providing coaching to job seekers. Laura Sterkel, Program Director, asked me to recommend resources for their coaches related to Social Networking. I am speaking to the group about social networking for a job search this week. Anita Jenke is the Executive Director.

Word of Mouth Advertising

What book is April reading this summer?

I am reading George Silverman’s book The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing: How to Trigger Exponential Sales Through Runaway Word of Mouth and learning new ideas. Can’t wait to share these with you over the next few months.

What word of mouth advertising techniques do you use in your business?

If you read this book, what is your favorite idea either in the book, from another source or your own idea?

Giving Tree Band Green Guitar

Do you remember the “The Giving Tree” book written by the late Shel Silverstein? It is one of the first books I owned. Enter the Giving Tree Band from Yorkville, Illinois.

The Giving Tree Band uses social networking to connect with their fans and share their message of environmental sustainability. The band knows their audience and how to connect with them. They made a green statement when they recorded their “Great Possessions” album in 2009. While recording, the group stayed near the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center where they recorded the material to reduce their carbon emissions. Even the instruments used were made of recycled materials. After the recording, the band raffled off this guitar, signed by the band, through the Chicago Blues & Blue Grass Festival. Kyle also a song writer and guitarist, won this Taliesin model guitar which Jason Harshbarger of Highland Strings created from reclaimed materials.

Guitar Giving Tree Band used on the “Great Possessions” album
Guitar inlay Giving Tree Band used on the “Great Possessions” album

Read more about the band’s eco friendly practices and recording. Purchase the Great Possessions album.  Listen to their music on MySpace and Facebook. Follow Giving Tree Band on Twitter.