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Create Your Resume With LinkedIn

Linkedin resume builder easily creates a resume from your LinkedIn profile. On the plus side, the process requires a few clicks. On the negative side, the results are not useful for me.

Try it out for yourself. Log on to the LinkedIn resume builder and connect to your LinkedIn profile. Choose the template you prefer. I used the Executive template.

LI profile header

To edit your resume, open your LinkedIn profile and make changes. When you are finished, view your resume or print your resume to a PDF format.

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I always recommend customizing your resume for a specific job. This resume tool makes customization difficult. For every new resume, you would update your LinkedIn profile and create a new resume. This two step process is more cumbersome than updating the resume itself.

Here is a link to my April M. Williams Resume produced by the LinkedIn Resume Builder. What do you think of the format?


Resume Embellishing

Illinois politics is always interesting. This month, we learned one of our candidates has embellished his resume. In one instance, he took personal credit for an award his team earned. In a second instance, he over stated his role.

Politicians are elected by the voters and accountable to us – the citizens of the jurisdiction. It is our responsibility to pay attention and let them know how we feel.
Resume Design
Creative Commons License photo credit: CharlotWest
In business, it is not uncommon for an employee to be fired when they lie on their resume. This behavior is not tolerated in the work place. Those who misstate their experience or qualifications are not considered trustworthy. “At will” employees can be fired on the spot.

Why do we, as voters and citizens allow our politicians to behave this way? If this behavior is not acceptable to you, let those who represent you in government know how you feel. Take action and vote for your beliefs.