LinkedIn for Personal Marketing and Branding with Keith Warrick

Keith Warrick, my friend and fellow LinkedIn evangelist, was interviewed on BDPA Blog Talk Radio about professional social networking. Keith was an early adopter of Linkedin, becoming a member well before I joined April 1, 2005. In the BDPA interview Keith pointed out the benefits of LinkedIn goes far beyond an online resume. So many […]

LinkedIn Celebrates 8 Years and 100 Million Members

LinkedIn celebrates it’s 8th birthday May 2011. The company has grown since LinkedIn started out in co-founder Reid Hoffman’s living room in 2002. LinkedIn says their official launch date was May 5, 2003. LinkedIn is now an important business networking tool and sales prospecting tool. When I teach my two hour “LinkedIn for Business” seminars, […]

Social Networking Thoughout Your Career Book Reviews on Amazon

Are you getting enough value from your social networking? What’s all the Buzz About? After hearing these questions from my clients over and over, I wrote a book on the topic. Yesterday another client quoted my book while we talked saying “I’m learning so much!” Another person showed me the passages she highlighted and her […]

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