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LinkedIn for Personal Marketing and Branding with Keith Warrick

Keith Warrick, my friend and fellow LinkedIn evangelist, was interviewed on BDPA Blog Talk Radio about professional social networking. Keith was an early adopter of Linkedin, becoming a member well before I joined April 1, 2005.

In the BDPA interview Keith pointed out the benefits of LinkedIn goes far beyond an online resume. So many people turn to LinkedIn when  they are in career transition only. LinkedIn is a powerful tool which can promote your skills, demonstrate creditability and build relationship.

Keith says, “LinkedIn is an unique marketing and advertising platform that promotes a product. That product is YOU.”

Keith suggests fully completing your LinkedIn profile to gain the most benefit. LinkedIn will prompt you to create a 100% complete profile and coax you along to do so. Keith says just 2% of LinkedIn 150 million members have a 100% complete profile.

To reach 100% profile completeness, add all of the following to your profile:

  • Industry and postal code
  • A current position with description
  • Two more positions
  • Education
  • At least 3 skills
  • Profile photo
  • At least 50 connections

As Keith says, imitation is the best form of flattery. Take a look at Keith’s or my profile for idea on how you can attract your target audience to find you through the LinkedIn search features.

Click below to listen to Keith’s interview with BDPA.

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LinkedIn Celebrates 8 Years and 100 Million Members

LinkedIn celebrates it’s 8th birthday May 2011. The company has grown since LinkedIn started out in co-founder Reid Hoffman’s living room in 2002. LinkedIn says their official launch date was May 5, 2003.

LinkedIn is now an important business networking tool and sales prospecting tool. When I teach my two hour “LinkedIn for Business” seminars, students are surprised by the features and functions within LinkedIn which they we not aware of. Almost all students recommend a longer or follow up session.

LinkedIn becomes more powerful as a networking and sales tool as your network grows. When I first joined LinkedIn, I found it was not useful to me. Once I began to connect with others, I was able to unleash the full potential.

LinkedIn social_linkedin_button_blue_128

It is not uncommon for me to get calls from prospects who find me in LinkedIn then call to inquiry about working with me. They read my posts and watch my contributions and become interested. Then they view my accomplishments and recommendations on my LinkedIn profile. This is “attraction marketing” working for me.

Keith Warrick, fellow BDPA LinkedIn group member told us how to find out what member number you are when you joined LinkedIn. Keith was a fairly early adopter of LinkedIn, and member #1,551,555.

I am member #2,303,036, joining on April 1, 2005. Thanks for this tip, Keith.

To find out your member number, click on PROFILE and View My Profile. In the URL address, you will find a number after id – that is your member number.

What member number are you out of 100 million current LinkedIn members?

Social Networking Thoughout Your Career Book Reviews on Amazon

Are you getting enough value from your social networking? What’s all the Buzz About? After hearing these questions from my clients over and over, I wrote a book on the topic.

Yesterday another client quoted my book while we talked saying “I’m learning so much!”

Another person showed me the passages she highlighted and her list of action items in progress.

So I had to write this book, Social Networking Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About? I go way beyond the basics in the book. My goal was to answer some of the deeper, more specific questions I’m asked.

Here is a couple of 5 star reviews you can read on Amazon.com:
Keith Warrick says:

This is an excellent primer on just how social networking tools have emerged as the primary go-to resources for finding job candidates and how one needs to effectively leverage and marshall them in order to attain professional/career aspirations.

April does an excellent job outlining how all of them – Linkedin, FaceBook, Twitter, etc – have their place and value and offers excellent suggestions on just what one needs to do in order to stay on top of them. It’s all about developing an effective strategy and staying with it throughout one’s career not just when one is unemployed. Too many of us stop networking once we land a job thinking that it is no longer necessary. You’re wrong and this book tells you why.

There are some valuable lessons here for anyone that does not think that having a positive social media presence is important in these times – it is mission critical.

This book is an excellent reference that you can refer back to time and time again.

Suzanne Kauss “MY SPECIAL ASSISTANT” says:

If you snooze on reading Social Networking you might as well keep snoozing!
My title of this review is EXACTLY what I got from April’s book entitled “Social Networking Throughtout Your Career”…..If you snooze on Social Networking you might as well keep snoozing! I was not even the least bit interested in social networking except for my personal facebook page….after reading this book it was very clear to me there is no other way to market a business but social networking! The book covers many scenarios and I know you will find WHY you and/or your business NEED to get started. The urgency to learn more and get started was so overwhelming while I was reading this book, all I wanted to do was to get started NOW as I do not want to be left behind!Social NetworkIng Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About?

Learn more Social NetworkIng Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About?