LinkedIn Celebrates 8 Years and 100 Million Members

LinkedIn celebrates it’s 8th birthday May 2011. The company has grown since LinkedIn started out in co-founder Reid Hoffman’s living room in 2002. LinkedIn says their official launch date was May 5, 2003.

LinkedIn is now an important business networking tool and sales prospecting tool. When I teach my two hour “LinkedIn for Business” seminars, students are surprised by the features and functions within LinkedIn which they we not aware of. Almost all students recommend a longer or follow up session.

LinkedIn becomes more powerful as a networking and sales tool as your network grows. When I first joined LinkedIn, I found it was not useful to me. Once I began to connect with others, I was able to unleash the full potential.

LinkedIn social_linkedin_button_blue_128

It is not uncommon for me to get calls from prospects who find me in LinkedIn then call to inquiry about working with me. They read my posts and watch my contributions and become interested. Then they view my accomplishments and recommendations on my LinkedIn profile. This is “attraction marketing” working for me.

Keith Warrick, fellow BDPA LinkedIn group member told us how to find out what member number you are when you joined LinkedIn. Keith was a fairly early adopter of LinkedIn, and member #1,551,555.

I am member #2,303,036, joining on April 1, 2005. Thanks for this tip, Keith.

To find out your member number, click on PROFILE and View My Profile. In the URL address, you will find a number after id – that is your member number.

What member number are you out of 100 million current LinkedIn members?

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