Update Your Facebook Profile Settings to Restict Access

Facebook Profile Settings can be adjusted to restrict the amount of information you share with others. Some people are comfortable keeping a tight rein on their settings while others are less adverse to sharing. You can update your settings whichever way you choose. To view or change your Facebook Profile Settings, start at  your profile […]

Update Your Facebook Privacy Settings for Your Comfort Level

Facebook with over 8,ooo,oooo users is a place to connect with friends. Facebook privacy setting can be confusing. If you do use Facebook, here are ways you can utilize Facebook privacy settings to restrict who sees the comments, pictures and videos you post. On the upper right corner of Facebook, select “Privacy Settings” using the […]

Facebook Privacy Starts With General Internet Best Practices

Fear of losing privacy on Facebook is one of the most common social networking fears I hear. People are concerned their personal information will become private, that everyone will know what they are doing or their financial data will be at risk. While internet hacking does occur, your best defense begins with use of good […]

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