Update Your Facebook Privacy Settings for Your Comfort Level

Facebook with over 8,ooo,oooo users is a place to connect with friends. Facebook privacy setting can be confusing. If you do use Facebook, here are ways you can utilize Facebook privacy settings to restrict who sees the comments, pictures and videos you post.

On the upper right corner of Facebook, select “Privacy Settings” using the drop down arrow next to “Home.” One this page, you can set your Privacy Seeings to your comfort level. To strictly resist your content, choose “Friends” for most of these settings.

Facebook Privacy Settings choices:

  1. “Control Your Default Privacy” which apply to status updates and photos you post to your timeline from a Facebook app that doesn’t have the inline audience selector, like Facebook for Blackberry. Choose: “Public”, “Friends” or “Custom.”
  2. Adjust “How You Connect” to control how you connect with people you know.
  3. Adjust “How Tags Work” to control what happens when friends tag you or your content. “Timeline Review of posts friends tag you in before they go on your Timeline” (note: tags may still appear elsewhere on Facebook)
    *** When disabled, people can tag you in photos or status updates, and those items will automatically go to your Timeline.
    *** When enabled, you will be allowed to review it first. These posts will still exist in the timeline of the friend who created the content just not your Timeline until you approve it.
  4. Adjust Apps and Websites to control what gets shared with apps, games and websites.
  5. Adjust “Limit the Audience for Past Posts” to limit the audience for posts you shared with friends of friends or Public.
  6. Adjust “Blocked People and Apps” to manage the people and apps you’ve blocked.

After adjusting each of these settings, click on “Done” to save your choices.

By customizing your Facebook privacy settings, you control access to who sees the content you choose to share with others.

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