What Does Bob Newhart Know about Social Media and Websites?

What does Bob Newhart know about social media and websites? And what can we learn from his example? Do you really need a website?

When I visited Bob Newhart’s website I was greeted with a huge photo of Bob Newhart smiling back at me from my computer screen. I admit being taken aback. The only other items on the page are a small Facebook and Twitter icons. Now, Bob is 82 years young and many of his fans are his generation. Bob uses social media to reach out and touch is fans because it is an effective form of communication.

He’s still got his famous brand of humor. Here is one of Bob’s recent tweets:

“Look at this @PerezHilton, I’m 82 & being hounded by the paparazzi! http://perezhilton.com/2012-01-05-bob-newhart-beverly-hills#.Tweal0r5Zg8

Do you need a website or is a social media page enough? Let me know how you weigh in on the topic.

Bob Newhart in Chicago
Bob Newhart in Chicago. Photo credit Bob Newhart

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