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Be Productive Instead of Busy: Effective Time Management Techniques

At the end of the day, do you feel frustration that the important things are not done? Are you always struggling to catch up? Learn how to be productive instead of busy.

There have been many occasions throughout my career where time has been extremely precious to me and maximizing what I had was top priority. Juggling a hectic schedule, I had to learn how to get the most important things done first. Over the years, I incorporated time management techniques and tools to get the most out of my time.

A recent article listed the top 10 productivity applications and I do use several of these tools. I make use of many tools from Google like Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Alerts. My Iphone is my number one tool.

Click on the presentation below to see some of my other favorite productivity tools and techniques.


Effective Time Management: Getting the Most from Every Day

Do you find your days sometimes slip by before you know it? And your to-do list remains undone?

Learn how to be productive instead of busy. April M. Williams will share proven time management techniques to increase your daily productivity. Align your top priorities with your daily activities to achieve short and long term goals. Set goals and maintain focus to keep things in perspective. Develop a personal action plan with strategies and techniques to handle procrastination and interruptions.

“Winter is a time so many people vow to get and keep themselves organized,” said Lisa Guidarini, MLS, Adult Program Coordinator at Algonquin Area Public Library District. “Author April M. Williams effectively manages her business, coaching, teaching and personal life and we look forward to learning her time management techniques.”

The Algonquin Library hosts this session at their main location on Harnish on Sunday March 18 from 2-4PM. The session is free through registration is required. Contact the Algonquin Library at (847) 458-6060 or register online at http://www.aapld.org.

Social media coach, speaker and author April M. Williams