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U.S. Cellular Raving Fans

When I stopped by to visit Barb Mikula in her office, I could not miss the Raving Fans board near the door with thank you notes from her customers. Reading these notes I could tell Barb provided the type of customer service Ken Blanchard writes about in his book Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service.

I was thinking of Barb when I heard the new U.S. Cellular ads on television. In these spots, the cell phone company highlight one of their customers including a phone number for follow up. This is similar to the Get Promoted Client Spotlight we do at CyberLife Tutors.

Get Promoted! CyberLife Tutors Client Spotlight

Customers rave about the service at U.S. Cellular stores. Every employee is empowered to make sure the customer is happy. I have seen employees walk customers out to their cars with umbrellas when it rains. One employee tells me, “You do not choose to work at U.S. Cellular, they choose you.”

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