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Does your business have a Facebook fan page? Have you ever looked at your Facebook Fan page wall and wondered where all you Facebook friends comments have gone? The comments may seem like they have disappeared from view. Do not worry. The comments are not gone forever.

Here is how you can view these comments.

Log in to Facebook and navigate to your Fan page. In the middle of the page under the “What’s on your mind” status box, you will see the options where you can select the type of comments you would like to see on this page.

Choose to view comments from:

  • Wall owner
  • Friends
  • Wall owner and friends

The choice is yours. Modify your page settings to select the view option that works best for you.

Here is a short video where you can see how I change the page settings to view my friends comments on my CyberLife Tutors Facebook Fan page. Stop by our Facebook Fan page and say hello or leave a comment.

About April M. Williams

April M. William of Cyberlife Tutors, a social media coach, speaker and author of Algonquin. She creates, implements and teaches business social media strategies in McHenry County. Connect with me on Google. Email April.

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