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Case studies with CyberLife Tutors clients.

C You At The Movies Client Case Studies


“C” You At The Movies was founded on the premise that entertainment provided from a movie theatre should not have to be constricted to the confines of an auditorium or the quality of a current feature. The five Northern Illinois locations in Antioch, Zion, McHenry and Libertyville include indoor and an outdoor theatre.

The “C” You At The Movies company mission states: “We realize that there exists a child in every one of our customers. It is our goal and privilege to help that child to smile during their visits with us and to keep them smiling long after the movie they came to see has ended.”

"C" You At The Movies
"C" You At The Movies


For “C” You At The Movies President Cynthia Kottke, the challenge has been to compete for their customer’s discretionary spending dollars. Her goal, to provide an entertaining, unique, family-friendly atmosphere, is standard from which all “C” You At The Movies’ ideas originate. 

The business challenge includes effectively communicating with customers and gaining immediate, actionable feedback. The company relied on traditional newspaper advertising to talk to their customers. They found the one way communication lacked the feedback they desired.

General Operations Director Scott Dehn attended CyberLife Tutors’ series of “Social Networking for Business” classes and learned how business can create relationships with customers. Scott created a strategy and began implementing the new knowledge.


Scott says, “We have been very successful with our Facebook and building fans. We recently crossed over 9,000 fans on our page! The “C” You At The Movies Facebook page is a forum for events and announcement. Customers visit our page to comment and talk about their experiences at our theaters.”

The site even functions as a customer service branch for questions on movie times, upcoming shows and favorite movies.

Scott turned one challenge into an opportunity. “Issues such as monitoring for, and deleting businesses using our page to simply advertise for themselves has been problematic. However, I have taken that as a possible opportunity to reach out to those companies and inquire as to whether they would be interested in advertising with us on-screen. Policing the posts and keeping them civil can sometimes be difficult as well. I try to keep our pages family-friendly as a reflection of what our company is all about.”


I would have to say that anything that encourages feedback in an interesting, creative way has been most successful. Asking for opinions has been very helpful in getting the snowball of communication rolling.

My goal for 2011 is to dive into the world of Twitter and see where that takes us. This has been so much fun. I really enjoy the social networking part of my job. The benefits to our business are much more immediate and personal than those of your standard newspaper advertisements.


Class lessons you provided have really helped me to establish a plan of attack in our social networking.

Scott said. “I created one Facebook page for each of our theatre locations as well as one for the C You At The Movies, Inc. company.  It is a total of 6 Facebook pages that collectively has earned over 10,000 “likes” at this point.“


What is Scott’s advice to business owners?

“We have gained quite a following and it has been a lot of fun! I have some big plans to expand on this in 2011. Believe me, I tell everyone about the great experiences and benefits these classes have provided. I will let them know about the upcoming social networking class as well! I know many of them will be interested.”

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Theatre Facebook Pages:

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Dunes 1,2,3 Theatres
CYATM Antioch Downtown Theatre

Scholl Construction Client Case Studies


Scholl Construction Company is a full service builder and remodeling company located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Karen Scholl, head of Marketing, summarizes the company’s philosophy, “Our job starts with the customers’ idea of what they want their house to be. We help them realize that vision.”

The company approaches each job as an opportunity to partner with the customer and work as a team to get the construction project completed perfectly. Scholl strives to educate, demonstrate credibility, build confidence and establish relationships with prospects and customers. It is with an eye toward this goal that Scholl approaches social media.


We face three major challenges. In today’s economy, customers are more careful about spending and calculating return on their investment while their list of “must have” options is shrinking. Meanwhile, the media is professing gloom over the home building and remodeling market. Lastly, some builders have not geared their business toward customer satisfaction and that attitude has negatively impacted our professionalism.

We used to spend considerable time and money creating PowerPoint presentations and customer recommendation sheets. We found that customers rarely looked at them or followed up with our past customers. Now we refer customers to our Facebook page where we post project photos, videos and customer comments; updating the site one to two times per week.

We attend networking events as part of our marketing strategy. These are often held in the evenings so it extends the workday and takes a lot of time. Although in person contact is an important part of networking, the social media connection, with a minimal time commitment, can increase that initial contact ten-fold. I would have to attend a networking group every day for 10 years to meet the same number of people I do through social media.

A few months ago, I did not even know what “social media” meant. I was skeptical and thought no one looks at the internet. Was I wrong! I attended Cyberlife Tutors’ social media training classes and just loved them. Now Scholl Construction is on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and we are blogging. We have something going on all the time and we are getting positive feedback and results.


Social media has given us a broader audience while expending less energy and time. I keep us with all our social media activities in less than 30 minutes a day. Each social media tool, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Blogging, has a different feeling and a different way to connect, yet each lets me “meet” people in a quick and casual way. I used LinkedIn to post a business question and never expected anyone would respond, yet I got two answers almost immediately. I was really surprised by the results.


I found social media allowed us to get our name out there; getting well known for what we do. Scholl Construction has gotten some very positive leads through Facebook. People can see the type of work that we do and we get to connect with people we normally would not see.
Initially I thought of Facebook as a “teenage thing”. I am finding that all ages: young adults, baby boomers and retired adults are online.



If it were not for Cyberlife Tutors, I would not be able to do what I do now. Cyberlife Tutors has been very supportive, given me a good introduction on how to get started, and made me less fearful of getting online. I was encouraged when Cyberlife Tutors said, “Go ahead and do it, you will be fine”. Cyberlife Tutors connected me with discussion groups where I could share and learn from others and April encouraged me as I got started.

In the beginning, it was confusing. But once I got started and just did it, I knew Cyberlife Tutors was there to support me. I knew that I could call for additional help and I think that is really important. Classes are well organized and got me up and running in a couple of hours. I think that in itself is amazing.

I am using our blogging site to talk to people about what to expect when working with us. I have written about the safety of children and pets at the construction site and other subjects related to the building industry. Blogging helps bridge the gap and build healthy working relationships and I find that it is a powerful tool. The pictures we post are a big help in allaying fears about our level of expertise because people can see what we are producing as they follow our current job up-date photos.


What is Karen’s advice to business owners?
“Take a class. Get some coaching. Learn a little bit. Get in there and just do it. If you are not using social media, I highly recommend you contact April M. Williams for her vast working knowledge of social media. We are finding that our customers are going to the internet to see who we are, what we do, read feedback about our services and see how we communicate. Social networking is the way we keep in contact with a large number of people; many of whom are looking at our services. These days, in the business world, I believe that social media is going to be a vital part of any business success story.“
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