How to Follow a Twitter List

Twitter lists are a way for Twitter users to group other Twitter accounts together. How might you use this feature? A shopping center could create a list to promote each other. A Chamber of Commerce might use a list to follow and cross promote other local businesses.

I created a Twitter list of McHenry county, Illinois businesses to follow and promote what is happening in our area. Since this list began, I learned about many new companies and services I was not aware of.

Another benefit of Twitter lists is you can view the recent tweets of the account holders without actually following each of these accounts.

Here is a recent blog posting about the McHenry County Business Twitter list.

You can see all recentĀ tweets from these McHenry County businesses on a single page.

How are you using the Twitter list feature?

Here is a short video on how to follow a Twitter list.

8 thoughts on “How to Follow a Twitter List”

  1. Great info and video, April!

    I haven’t been utilizing the “lists” feature on Twitter so your blog post is very inspirational as well as instructional.


    1. Melanie,

      Thanks for your feedback. This McHenry County Twitter list is an economic stimulus program to give our local businesses more visibility. I look forward to hearing how you implement lists.

  2. Thank you for this video. I now know how to follow a list. I’d love to know how to create a list. Can you show us that sometime soon, please? Thank you! I’m just getting somewhat used to Twitter since these last two #blog30 challenges. Didn’t catch on till almost the end of the last one. Eee!

    1. Hello Karen,

      Welcome to the #blog30 challenge. I also started the last challenge about day 15 and completed on schedule. Congrats!

      Thanks for the suggestion for a follow up video on list building and I will include with a follow up blog posting.
      April M. Williams

  3. Hi April,

    It’s fun being on the #blog30 with you. Thrilled you are interested in being a guest blogger! You mentioned two plugins plus jing. I know Jing as a video program, does Jing make a plugin too?

    Let me know which plugin you’d like to write about first.
    This is going to be fun!

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