Magnify Your Message With Twitter Power

Are you a McHenry County business owner who created a Twitter profile but do not have many followers? If so, I am talking to you. Yes, YOU.

It is time to take your tweets to the next level. Your message is amplified as your audience grows. I challenge to you magnify your message.

If you are new to Twitter, sign up and join the challenge. For those of you with more than 500 followers, you are welcome to join us too! One of my clients told me yesterday they followed these steps and have 800 Twitter followers in three weeks.

Here is my challenge to you! Set you goal to have 500 Twitter followers by April 15, 2011.

How do you get 500 Twitter users to follow you? Here is a simple 5 step plan to achieve your goal.

  1. Many Twitter users will follow those who follow them. So, gain followers by following others. Start by following your Twitter followers. I use Tweepi for this.
  2. Are you following me on Twitter? I will follow you back. My twitter names are @aprilmwilliams and @cyberlifetutors.
  3. Find a guru, or expert in your field. Follow their followers.
  4. Tweet interesting tweets. Itโ€™s a conversation out there on Twitter. Tweet some business messages and some interesting messages. Comment on the weather in Chicago, the Cubs or Soxs, links to articles in the news, etc.
  5. Write a comment on our blog below by clicking on “COMMENTS and tell us you accepted the challenge. Donโ€™t forget to give us your Twitter handle so we can follow you.
  6. BONUS TIP: After you add your Twitter handle to our blog, Iโ€™ll add you to my Tweeple to Follow Twitter list. Follow all the people on this list and see how many follow you back.

The challenge is on! Let me know how you are progressing. Who will be the first to reach 500 followers? Write another comment on our blog when you achieve your goal.

April M. Williams Twitter Timeline
If you are new to Twitter, sign up and join the challenge. For those of you with more than 500 followers, you are welcome to join us too! Click on "comments" at the top of this article and tell us about your Twitter name.

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23 thoughts on “Magnify Your Message With Twitter Power”

  1. “Twitter schmitter, why bother?” I’ve heard that plenty. Here’s why I think Twitter is worth tweeting about: 1) Twitter is useful. By following experts in areas of personal interest I am exposed to blogs and news via their tweets. Plus these tweets can lead to conversations with these experts. Twitter promotes dialog. Look at a person’s stream and notice whether the person is conversational or purely informational. But don’t be fooled: lots of conversations take place via DMs (direct messages) when both people are following each other. 2) Twitter is fun. If being friendly or befriended is not your thing, then your time may be better spent elsewhere. But if you play nice there is an opportunity to meet people you might otherwise not…like some of those experts you are less likely to reach by phone. ๐Ÿ™‚ Follow me and tweet me about this post from @AprilMWilliams! @rhymzwithstarry

      1. Mahalo back at you, April, for your kind words. Twitter is an amazing communication tool both for dispensing and absorbing information. Your encouragement will help your readers jump into the stream.

  2. Good advice, April.

    I have more than a few friend, people with extensive marketing experience, who still don’t see the value of Twitter. Some even blog, but refuse to tweet!

    I’ve seen it work for me. It can really magnify the impact of what I’m doing and it does help me attract new customers.

  3. In business, having a following on Twitter or any other social networking site allows you to develop the same kind of relationship with your followers that conventional “celebrities” enjoy with their public. This relationship can form a foundation of trust that can turn some of your followers into customers.

    Follow us at @designmerge

    1. Well said @designmerge. We here @JoesPlaceMGO feel the same way. We don’t want to speak out to our customers/followers, we like to speak with them.

      Also, thank you for the link @AprilMWilliams.

      Joe’s Place, Marengo, IL @JoesPlaceMGO
      Tyler Kunde @ABlackMannequin

      1. Tyler,
        Glad to have you join the Twitter 500 challenge. We have both @ABlackMannequin and @JoesPlaceMGO on our “Tweeple to Follow” list. Please come back and make a comment when you reach 500 followers.

  4. Point #3 is very important! It is how I found so many incredible people to follow. Watch the conversations they have and who they have those conversations with. Remember, Twitter is a public forum. So if one of those folks makes an important comment, feel free to “reply” to them (your tweet will begin with an “@” symbol in front of the person’s Twitter handle. Then watch for them to mention you in reply tweets to you. This is how you begin to network and engage with new colleagues and, maybe, prospects. Think of it like a networking event that’s on 24/7… and you don’t have to drive there!

  5. Hiya Apri!

    I just want to add that tweeple should get out and meet other local twitterers in their geographic area. Nothing beats face to face networking for building business and personal relationships. Chances are you will wind up following their friends you didn’t know and vice-versa.

    And no matter where you live, positing info and pics about things to do in your region are always good! Be sure to post with a hash tag; for example if you are posting about a golf course, add the term #golf in your post and other golfers will find you and follow you.

    Oh, and lots of twitterers LOVE food! Eating a fun lunch? Post a pic of it! I had some grumpypants tell me they didn’t care about my bacon avocado burger pic, why did I bother? I replied “Because other Bacon avocado burgers want to see it!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Tweet ya later from rainy Hawaii,

    1. Aloha Biz,

      Mahalo for your tips. Agreed. Twitter is a great way to keep in touch and maintain the relationships. It is also a way to start relationships. We met through a Twitter meetup and keep in touch online while you are in sunny paradise and I am in snow bound Chicago. Technology spans the miles and oceans. Your tropical scene food photos keep me longing to return to the islands!

      The proof is in the numbers. Your +10K followers can’t be wrong!

      We Looking forward to our return visits and the fun tweetups you host. What a welcome back! Can’t wait for our next tweetup and visiting with you soon.

      Readers: Check out Biz’s Neighborhood Crusin’ videos here:

      I added you to our Tweeple to follow list.

  6. Networking with many animal rescue groups on Twitter now. Great way to get the word out about animals in need of adoption.


  7. We are using Twitter to let people know about the dogs and cats we have available to adopt. We also use the service to help get out the word when we have urgent situations where we need help and other shelters could possibly help us.

    Find us on Twitter @HuntleyAHS

    Huntley Animal Shelter

  8. I’m game! I’ve already gotten through to brand name book reviewers and authors there, and I’m in the mid-250s for followers. That’s up from the 140s when I started back tweeting a couple weeks ago, so not too bad. But I’ll try your strategy and see what happens.

    Bluestalking on Twitter

  9. I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE!!! Social networking has been an effective and fun tool for us. We operate movie theatres in downtown McHenry, Libertyville, Antioch, Zion and the Drive-In Theatre in McHenry and have Facebook pages established for each one. The McHenry Drive-In has had sooooo much Facebook interest, mostly because I think we keep it exciting and different. Keeping interesting and engaging statuses on Facebook has proven most successful. I am having a lot of fun on Twitter and really look forward to developing a following there. We can now be followed on Twitter @cyouatthemovies. I hope to be tweeting with many of you soon! Best of luck, everyone!

    1. Scott,
      You are off to a great start. I’ll add you to our Twitter Tweeple to Follow list and our Twitter McHenry County BIz list. Watch for your stories to be posted on the McHenry County Business Daily news.

      Keep us posted on your progress and be sure to tell us when you hit +500 followers!

      Check out the “C You at the Movies” case study and check out the links to their Facebook pages for more info about a theater near you.
      April M. Williams

  10. I’m game! I find it quite hard to be influential on specific domains(i checked Klout) . My domains would be Social Media, Alternative music, gaming, movies etc.
    any tips on claiming a domain? @emilesky

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