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Ideas How to Create Content For Your Blog and Social Media

Do you struggle for ideas when writing content for your blog or social media profiles? Bloggers often get writer’s block when it is time for a new post. Clients often ask me for suggestions for types of comments they can share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media profiles and pages.

Once you have your topic, use an editorial calendar to plan and schedule a date for publication. Include publication date, time, where you plan to post and any information you need to gather. Download our free editorial calendar template.

Here are 12 tips to aid you in generating ideas for new blog or social media content.

  1. Let your readers know about an upcoming event including who, what, when, where and why they would want to attend.
  2. Ask your readers what they want to know more about.
  3. Search Technorati for bloggers similar to you and write on the same topic using your ideas and distinctive voice.
  4. Search Stumble Upon for inspiration.
  5. Enlist your employees to write a blog post once a month.
  6. Refer to another blog post and take the topic further or deeper.
  7. Interview the characters in your fiction novel.
  8. Write about a recent experience and your learnings.
  9. Provide educational or how to material.
  10. Share a best practice.
  11. Post a video or picture of the week.
  12. Check the calendar for upcoming holidays and write an article that ties in with that theme.

When an idea for new content comes to me, I make a note of it and use these topics when I have writer’s blog.

Here are 22 more ways to generate content ideas for your blog or social media page.

How to generate new content for your blog or social media profile

How do you find inspiration for blog posts? Click on comments and let us know your suggestions.

How Often to Blog

I am often asked, “How often should I blog?”

Those who study industry trends generally recommend bloggers post new blog entries at least every fourteen days. Why? Posting on a regular schedule keeps your content fresh and interesting.

Where Are You Today Travel Blog

Search engines love blogs for this reason. Google and other sites will visit blogs often to look for new content. The return to learn how often to expect new content from your site. By writing new blog posts on a regular schedule, you will train the search engines to return more often.

There are a few bloggers who post daily or even more often than that. Seth Godin comes to mind. His posts are short, maybe two or three paragraphs on a topic.

Whatever schedule you choose for yourself, be consistent. It is best to under promise and over deliver. If you write an extra message or two, it is a bonus!