Facebook Your Toastmasters Club PR Friend

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: April M. Williams CyberLife Tutors (414) 502-7745 http://www.cyberlifetutors.com FACEBOOK YOUR TOASTMASTERS CLUB PR FRIEND David Reed and Oak Brook, Illinois Toastmasters club hosts a presentation with speaker, author, blogger and coach April M. Williams on February 22, 2011. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ALGONQIUN, ILLINOIS – February 16, 2011 The Oak Brook, Illinois […]

Microsoft Oakbrook Store Events

Just for those of you in the Oak Brook area interested in learning and networking. The Microsoft Store offers sessions that combine both. Contact the Microsoft Store 630-288-3420 for more information. Events (all events are complimentary to attend) Business Wednesdays (topics for February listed below) Come to the store every Wednesday between 1PM and 3PM […]

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