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Microsoft Oakbrook Store Events

Just for those of you in the Oak Brook area interested in learning and networking. The Microsoft Store offers sessions that combine both. Contact the Microsoft Store 630-288-3420 for more information.


Events (all events are complimentary to attend)

Business Wednesdays (topics for February listed below)

Come to the store every Wednesday between 1PM and 3PM to meet other business professionals and learn about Windows Phone 7 and topics such as Microsoft Office 2010, Windows 7, and Social Networking for Business.

Business Wednesdays Agenda (every Wednesday 1PM-2PM)

·         February 2 – Create Professional Looking Documents with Word 2010

·         February 9 – Make Sense of Your Numbers with Excel 2010

·         February 16 – Organize Your Office with OneNote 2010

·         February 23 – Make Life Easy with Outlook 2010 in Your Office

Women in Business

o   Tuesday, February 22, 2011 8AM-10AM   We will be hosting our first quarterly breakfast social for women in business, providing you with networking opportunities and an educational session on Social Networking for your business. Light breakfast and coffee will be served throughout the course of the event. Each attendee will receive a goody bag at the event’s conclusion.

First Server

o   Wednesday, March 2, 2011 6PM-8PM  Come to this event to learn how to integrate cloud services with your business to centralize your data in one place with access from anywhere. We will be having an educational session on server solutions as well as cloud computing.


To RSVP to any of these events, e-mail

Who is THAT?

Last week I met with Ross Anderson, Regional General Manager for Duke’s Waikiki Restaurants. During our talk, he called over his marketing team to introduce them to me. As he started the introductions, they interrupted him to say “We know April. She is one of our Twitter friends.”‘

April M. Williams
Here is one of April M. Williams profile photos

This instant recognition happened because they viewed my picture within Twitter messages over many months. Through multiple interactions, they felt they knew me.

Why is this so valuable? Because people buy from those they know, like and trust. “Buy” can mean purchasing products, services, referrals or hiring you as an employee.

I can share many similar stories like this where people commented on how easily they recognized me based on my online profile photos. Including a picture in your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other online networking sites helps others develop a bond with you before you meet in person.

I can also share stories of people who are surprised when they meet someone in person who looks very different from their online photo. Sometimes the pictures are several years old, several pounds ago or from back when they had a full head of hair.

A red flag seems to go up when the real person does not match their photo. Take a look at your online photos. If they are more than a year old, consider giving your online look an update.