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Use WeReward Location Based Service to Earn Cash

Do you have a smart phone? Iphone, Android or Blackberry? If so, check out WeReward.

WeReward is a location based service where you can check-in when you visit stores, restaurants, gas stations, museums and other businesses anywhere in the United States. This free application is similar to location based services like Gowalla or Four Square.

WeReward uses global positioning systems (GPS) to locate you and businesses around you. You search for and select the businesses you visit.

Are you wondering what is different about WeReward? You earn points which can be converted to cash when you check in at locations. Yep. Cash. The amount of cash each check-in is worth varies.

There are also tasks you can complete and products you can try for cash. For example, you can earn cash for taking a picture of your taco dinner you make at home. Your favorite restaurants are all here too.

If you are visiting these store and retail shops and checking in with location based services, why not check in with WeReward and get paid? Click on my affiliate link below to learn more.

Sign up with my affiliate link, then leave a comment here if you want my free tips on how you can make the most of your WeReward account. Just ask forĀ WeReward Secrets and I’ll send you an email.

Dorothy Tucker, CBS Chicago News, interviewed me about WeReward, a location based checkin app. Check out the interview on CBS Chicago.

Sign up for WeReward using my link http://we.rw/p1yFb/ then email me or leave a comment and I send you my secrets to getting the most from WeReward.

WeReward Location based App
Earn cash with WeReward


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