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Dvorah Lansky Ignite Your Passion Author Interview

An interview with our “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark” Amazon Kindle anthology co-author D’Vorah Lansky.

CyberLife Tutors: You are a co-author of “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark. “What is it that you are passionate about?
D’vorah Lansky: On a personal note, I am passionate about joyful living, being with friends and family, and taking time to do the things I enjoy by “taking time to smell the roses!”

CyberLife Tutors: Why did you contribute this specific story to “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark?”
D’vorah Lansky: The chapter I contributed is focused on “success principles.” I shared this content because I feel it is so important for people to understand the importance of setting goals, working smart – not hard, learning how to prioritize people over paper, and other strategies that can help them to become as efficient and successful as possible.

CyberLife Tutors: Is this your first published book? If not, what other books have you published?
D’vorah Lansky: In addition to “Ignite Your Passion” I am a contributing author in several publications, such as: Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul; 365 Days of Gratitude; Corporate Mom Dropouts; and Building Relationships that Build Your Business.

I’ve also published several of my own books including the Amazon bestseller, Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online; Connect, Communicate, and Profit: Build Successful Business Relationships Online; and Book Marketing Success Secrets.

CyberLife Tutors: What else would you to share with our readers
D’vorah Lansky: If I were to offer one tip for making the most of your time while increasing your joy and success, I’d suggest that you take some time to go to your favorite writing place, where you can think and write without interruption. Turn off your cell phone and spend time writing down all of the things that you love doing (in your professional world.) Then create another list of all of the things that you do but that you really don’t enjoy doing.

Find a way to prioritize the things that you do enjoy doing while finding ways to delegate the things that don’t bring you joy. Reach out to your community for recommendations to service providers who specialize in those areas. By outsourcing the things that do not bring you joy, to someone who makes less than you make per hour, you’ll be freed up to focus not only on the things you enjoy, but on the things that generate additional income.

CyberLife Tutors: You have a special offer for our readers?
D’vorah Lansky: I’d love to connect with our readers by offering one of my most popular free collections of tips on the topic of Virtual Book Tours. They can access these tips and connect with an amazing community of authors an entrepreneurs at: www.VirtualBookToursMadeEasy.com

CyberLife Tutors: How can our readers contact you?
D’vorah Lansky: Readers can email me at Dvorah at BookMarketingMadeEasy.com.

Professional Networking and Personal Marketing

Listen in to an interview with author April M. Williams on “Ask the Marketing Wizard” January 2009 on “Professional Networking and Personal Marketing” D’vorah Lansky interviews April M. Williams “Internet Marketing on a Shoestring” Speaker Series.

D’vorah Lansky is the author of Connect, Communicate, and Profit.


Interview with the Author

When D’vorah Lansky asked be to be a guest on Relationship Marketing Cafe, I jumped at the chance. On Monday April 28, 2010 I was a guest of relationship marketing expert D’vorah Lansky on her podcast The Blog Station.

Back when D’vorah initally launched her podcast, I was honored to be her first guest on the show. Two years later, I was delighted to be invited back for a repeat visit. As a guest, I am in good company. Industry experts from around the country have been guests on the show.

D’vorah and I initially met through a LinkedIn discussion group. We traded emails back and forth before moving our conversation to the telephone. Over the years we developed a mutually beneficial business relationship. D’vorah is a co-author in the “Ignite Your Passion” book.

Do not worry if you missed the call. You can listen to the recorded session for tips on how to grow your business.
D’vorah Lansky of The Blog Station interviews author April M. Williams.

The Blog Station with host D’vorah Lansky

The Blog Station Interview

Join me on the The Blog Station interview show.

Monday April 28, 2010 I will be a guest of relationship marketing expert D’vorah Lansky on The Blog Station. Join us on this call 1PM Eastern, noon Central for tips on how to grow your business. We will discuss personal marketing and my new book Social NetworkIng Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About?

· Conference Dial-In: 1-712-432-3100
· Conference Code: 911123

The Blog Station with host D’vorah Lansky