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Are You LinkedIn Call

LinkedIn has become an important tool for business. Currently, LinkedIn has over 70 million members in more than 200 countries around the globe. Are you using LinkedIn to make the most of your business or are you missing out.

Learn more what LinkedIn is and how it can help your career at this webinar.

Price of admission? Just let us know your LinkedIn question. What do you want to know about LinkedIn? Enter your question in the form below and check your email for the date and time of the call.

Winner Ignite Your Passion Book

Announcing the winner of the Ignite Your Passion book.

My birthday is in April and I celebrated throughout the entire month with a contest for my blog readers. Anyone who contributed a comment to my blog was entered to win the prize and each comment was another chance to win. Readers could submit entries anytime during the month of April 2010.

Congratulations to our winner of the April 2010 “Ignite Your Passion” contest, Scott D. Irwin, of Expressive Tech. Scott is a fellow Toastmaster. He received a copy of the anthology in which 17 authors sharing their unique stories of passion:

  • What they are passionate about
  • How they found their passion
  • How you can find your passion
Ignite Your Passion Book
17 authors stories in “Ignite Your Passion” book

Scott, Thank you for entering the contest and enjoy reading your book. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the stories or comment on the ones that had the greatest impact on you.

Gift Idea and Free Stuff

Need a unique and practical gift for a graduate? Several people I met this week told me they bought copies of my book Social NetworkIng Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About? as gifts for for college and high school grads.

They said they have also recommending the book for their friends. One reader showed me how she highlighted points and action items she is working on implementing. Thank you to Keith Warrick for the first Social NetworkIng Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About?
5-star review on Amazon.com.

You can purchase the Social Networking Throughout Your Career book at Amazon.com.

Networking For Results DVD
Netowrking For Results DVD (51 Minutes)

If your graduate is also looking for a a job, consider a Networking for Results DVD packed with 51 minutes of nuggets to help land a job in today’s economy. As a special bonus, if you purchase Networking for Results DVD, I will include a copy of Social NetworkIng Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About?

F-R-E-E. After you place your order for the DVD, just send me an email the same day with the subject line “free book”. I’ll include the book and DVD in the same shipment sent to you or your graduate.

Please let me know if you would like to have the book personalized and I will be happy to sign your copy. To take advantage of this offer, send your email the same day you order the book. This offer ends September 30, 2010 so do not wait to make your purchase.