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Developing Your Personal Brand

My friend Jim Cudney invited me to tour his native plant garden this week. What a treat to walk through his secret garden of lush plants and stroll along the babbling brook. I discovered natural and man made art work accents as we ambled along the pathways between trees and flowering bushes.

When we talked, thought about Jim’s brand and how the natural setting tied in with his company brand. As I write this post, I am listening to the ambient sounds from Technotribe‘s website.

Day 160 / 365 - Postcard
Creative Commons License photo credit: anitakhart

Jim’s company Technotribe works with Fortune 1000 companies on marketing, communications and project management. The tribal elements and earth colors flowed into the natural scene outside.

When I arrived, Jim was putting the final touches on a work related task and I noticed even the littlest detail included his personal brand.

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the little details. Those are the ones that matter the most.