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A Simple Way To Earn Cash While Shopping

Dorothy Tucker from CBS Chicago News recently interviewed me about mobile marketing applications WeReward, ShopKick and CheckPoints. With these tools, shoppers can earn points which can be converted to cash or merchandise.

FourSquare is another popular application where merchants can create special offers for new or repeat customers.



Customers use mobile marketing or geo location services on their smart phones and tablets while shopping, dining or recreating.

According to Nielsen’s third quarter 2011 survey, 43 percent of all US mobile phone subscribers own a smartphone. 62 percent of mobile adults aged 25-34 report owning smartphones.

Businesses use these tools to create offers to encourage new customers and loyalty among existing customers. On most sites you can list your business for no cost and some customer offers are free.

Interested in mobile marketing? Give us a call at 414-604-6635 and we will set up your sites and guide you though using them.

Read the full article “A Simple Way To Earn Cash While Shopping” at
CBS Chicago.

What an IZEA We Reward

Do you have an izea to share with the world? I have to tell you about a creative idea from IZEA!

First, are you using location based smart phone applications like Yelp or Four Square? Do your customers use these tools when they visit your location? Customers use these their smart phones to check in at locations and let others know where they are using these tools. Hey, free advertising for these lucky business owners! Customers are endorsing your business and telling their friends too.

IZEA launched last month combining location based customer reviews and rewards. Consumers discover local businesses, earn cash through mobile application WeReward, a mobile incentive platform that pays cash to consumers for actions they take in the real world. For example, a customer could earn points for taking a photo of themselves at a restaurant or visiting a store.

WeReward from Izea

For more information, check out IZEA. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you how I found out about IZEA. Disclosure: this is an affiliate link.