Gaye Mack Ignite Your Passion Book Author Interview

An interview with our “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark” Amazon Kindle anthology co-author Gaye Mack. CyberLife Tutors: You are a co-author of “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark. “What is it that you are passionate about? Gaye Mack: Throughout my younger and later adult years, my life has been influenced by a […]

Fall Back to School Triple Play Special Offer

It’s a special Back to School Triple Play offer for our CyberLife Tutors readers. Get all three career boosters for one low price. Autographed copy of “Social Networking Throughout Your Career” paperback by April M. Williams $9.99 value. Learn how to make the most of social media tools for your professional life and take charge […]

Social Media and Job Search Tips for New Graduates

Social media is key to job searches, especially for new graduates. If you have a new graduate looking for their first job, here are tips and common mistakes to avoid for job seekers, especially new graduates. The first thing I recommend a job seeker do is create a résumé. There are plenty of templates available […]

LinkedIn Resume Builder Creates A PDF Resume File Quickly

LinkedIn Resume Builder turns your LinkedIn profile into a PDF resume in seconds. Resume Builder connects to your LinkedIn profile to gather specific information. Use the editor to select the format and content for your resume. First, choose the template for your resume then use outline mode to reorder sections of information. Set the privacy […]

Social Networking Throughout Your Career Book Free Chapter PDF

FREE Chapter (PFD) Social Networking Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About? “I’m on LinkedIn, now what?” “Where do I begin and HOW DO I KEEP UP?” “How often should I blog, post video, “tweet” prospect & clients?” After hearing these questions from my clients, I had to write this book, Social Networking Throughout Your Career: What’s All […]

Be Productive Instead of Busy: Effective Time Management Techniques

At the end of the day, do you feel frustration that the important things are not done? Are you always struggling to catch up? Learn how to be productive instead of busy. There have been many occasions throughout my career where time has been extremely precious to me and maximizing what I had was top […]

Craft Your Social Media Strategy Class Starts Soon

Craft Your Social Media Strategy! The Internet Marketing Intensive is a complete internet marketing series that will help businesses integrate various internet tools into an overall marketing strategy. We focus on small business, authors, sole proprietors or non profits and how to make the most out of small marketing budgets. Class starts April 2, 2012 […]

Creating Buzz Marketing for Professionals BDPA conference

The 2011 Black Data Processing Associates national conference features Algonquin author and executive coach April M. Williams, President of CyberLife Tutors, an executive coach and author of “Social Networking Throughout Your Career.” Her presentation “Creating Buzz Marketing for Professionals” is provided for attendees to download. April is available to speak at your conference, association or […]

Creative Way to Use Twitter to Get Hired

Looking for a creative ways to use Twitter to get hired? Ed Morita posted a link to this Alltop video on using Twitter to land a job. Using five different Twitter accounts, they targeted specific people in their industry involved in hiring decisions. This creative use of Twitter worked. They successfully landed jobs in their […]

Code Generators For QR Code Barcode

Have you created a QR code for your website? Or are you wondering what those funny black and white squares are used for? What is a QR code? A QR code is a two dimensional scannable graphic. The graphic can be scanned and read by scanners on mobile devices. Why use a QR code? Data […]

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