Create Your Resume With LinkedIn

Linkedin resume builder easily creates a resume from your LinkedIn profile. On the plus side, the process requires a few clicks. On the negative side, the results are not useful for me.

Try it out for yourself. Log on to the LinkedIn resume builder and connect to your LinkedIn profile. Choose the template you prefer. I used the Executive template.

LI profile header

To edit your resume, open your LinkedIn profile and make changes. When you are finished, view your resume or print your resume to a PDF format.

LinkedIn social_linkedin_button_blue_128


I always recommend customizing your resume for a specific job. This resume tool makes customization difficult. For every new resume, you would update your LinkedIn profile and create a new resume. This two step process is more cumbersome than updating the resume itself.

Here is a link to my April M. Williams Resume produced by the LinkedIn Resume Builder. What do you think of the format?

Plan to Achieve Your Goal in January

This is our Japanese Daruma doll. During January, Daruma festivals are held in many cities in Japan. Dolls of all sizes and colors are purchased for good luck and prosperity. The armless and legless dolls are named for Dharma, the priest who founded Zen Buddhism.

Made of paper mache or wood, the eyes are usually unpainted when purchased. When goals or intentions are set, one eye of the doll is drawn on. Some Daruma dolls have a slot in the body where the written goal is inserted. As you work on your goal, the doll is a visual reminder.

Daruma 2

January is the beginning of a new year and a fresh start.

Use this time to set your goals and plan for your success. Decide where you want to be in December and the steps required to achieve your goals.

At least once a year, Noel F. Williams and I review our personal and family goals. Together, we make sure our goals are congruent and align with each other. Our goals are written to keep us accountable. During the year, we support and encourage each other.

Reviewing our goals from the past ten years, we can see the progress we made and how our priorities changed. Our Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) goals span multiple years and we track our progress.

Contact CyberLife Tutors to get back on track with your 2011 goals.

Click on the picture below to see our Daruma doll and how we planned our family and personal goals for this year.

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  • Social Networking Throughout Your Career: What's All the Buzz About?

    Social Networking Throughout Your Career: What's All the Buzz About

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Linkedin for Job Seekers Webinar

LinkedIn Webinar for Job Seekers

Webinar: LinkedIn for Your Effective Job Search

led by April M. Williams, President CyberLife Tutors

October 12, 3:30PM – 4:30PM Central

Learn how LinkedIn has helped 75 million professionals around the world further connection, create opportunities and build careers. This webinar is specifically for who are new to using LinkedIn and/or interested in how LinkedIn can serve their job search. Get an overview of key features along with important effectiveness and etiquette/protocol tips.

This fast-paced webinar highlights:

– Tailoring your profile to be noticed in your job search

– Building online networking connections

– Initiating introduction requests

– Effectively using groups

– Leveraging Q&A

– And more!

Sessions will last about 60 minutes with time for participant questions. Please note: your registration confirmation will include log on information and dial-in number (long distance charges may apply).


Basic computer knowledge and a computer (Mac, Linux or Windows) with high-speed internet access and telephone. You do not have to install or download software. All you need is a browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

COSTS: $32 Click the Buy Now button below to reserve your seat.


Next session 11/09/2010. Call April for more info 414.502.7745

Networking: If You Are Not Doing It, What Are You Doing to Secure Your Future?

Expert networker Heidi Thorne and I initially met through Twitter, then schedule an in person meeting and over the past few months have become networking buddies. Heidi introduced me to Scott Kolbe and iConnect. Thanks Heidi for sharing your networking words of wisdom with our readers.

Guest post by Heidi Thorne, Thorne Communications:

My friend Scott Kolbe was lamenting about difficulties he is having in encouraging some people to visit the iConnect LinkedIn online/offline networking group he leads. One in particular is currently out of a job. So Scott encouraged him to attend to make some new connections which might lead to interviews or referrals. The guy was extremely hesitant and wanted to know who was going to be there and wanted assurances of certain connections or results. Huh? He is unemployed and has nothing to do at the moment… except maybe scour the online job sites.

This scenario brings up the burning question: If you’re not networking, what are you doing to secure your future?

If our unemployed friend had been an active networker all along, he may not have even been in this situation. At least he’d have to sort through opportunities as opposed to sorting through the shows on daytime TV. Many who are finding themselves being laid off of their jobs, usually after many years of service, are not easily finding new opportunities because they’ve been out of the circuit for so long. Only when the layoff happens do they turn on their networking selves. It can take months or years to build, or rebuild, the trust and inroads through networking. So I hope their unemployment checks will see them through.

Another type of job seeker is those who have relied solely on job search sites, classified ads, and job postings. Once they land a job, they land and don’t take off again until the next storm hits. Their situation is the most precarious of all because they have limited their network to the confines of their current employment or just family and friends.

One reason that so many wait until the inevitable happens to begin networking is that it’s a lot of work! Whether you build your social network online or offline, or some combination thereof, it takes time and effort. People do business and hire those they like and trust. If you’re only connecting when you need something, you will show yourself as someone who just uses people and someone who is needy. I wouldn’t hire someone like that. Would you? Certainly something to think about.

Heidi Thorne is a promotional products marketing expert and social media advisor who helps her clients “Keep Your Brand in the Hand of Your Customers.” With over 23 combined years in the hospitality, convention, advertising, and public relations fields, she can advise and guide on marketing for events and tradeshows. Visit her blog.

Social Networks Are The Newest Recruiting Tool

I just read an article in Forbes that said social networks are the newest recruiting tool.

Here are a couple of LinkedIn statistics from the article:
* used by 80% of companies recruiting through the social Web.
* 90% of companies that recruit through social networks have successfully found candidates on LinkedIn.

I talk with recruiters and hiring managers every week who tell me the same thing. They research candidates online and what they find impacts their decision to follow up. They do not hire those who have negative comments or pictures on their profile.

Just as interesting, they do not hire people without a social networking presence either. They assume the candidate who is not online is “behind the times”, “out of touch”, “just not current”. Who wants to hire someone like this?

I am so passionate about the topic, so I had to write this book, Social Networking Throughout Your Career: What’s All the Buzz About? I go way beyond the basics in the book. My goal was to answer some of the deeper, more specific questions I’m asked.

What would you say to someone who asked you “Why should I join LinkedIn?”

Video How To on YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing site and is now the number two search engine surpassing Yahoo.

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is even more valuable.

Have you checked out our video “How To Do” playlist on Youtube? Visit our playlist to watch tips on using Twitter, Facebook and more.

What topics would you like to see covered in future videos?

If you like to travel or visit sites off the beaten path, check out our video podcast show “Where Are You Today?” on YouTube. You never know where will we will find interesting places and people to share with you.

Recent stops:

  • Meeting a volunteer at “The Falls of Clyde” only remaining iron hulled ship in the world
  • Paying respects to Kam Fong, Hawaii Five-0’s”Chin Ho Kelly” in Diamond Head
  • Touring the Hutto, Texas Hippos
  • Chillin’ at Winter Fest in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
  • Watching Santa ride a Harley in the Toys for Tots ride

Let us know other videos you would like to see.

First Impressions Matter

You know a positive first impression matters, especially in business and your career. Make sure you make a positive first impression with you LinkedIn profile.

The top section of your LinkedIn profile is highlighted in blue. This is your profile headline.

Let’s compare your profile to a newspaper article. When you scan the newspaper, you read the headlines to decide if an article content is worth reading. If the headline looks interesting, you go on to read the rest of the article.

In LinkedIn, readers use the same process to decide whether your profile is worth reading.

Take a few minutes to review your profile header to see if you entice other LinkedIn members to view your profile. Can they tell what your profile is about from reading your headline?

Are you making a positive first impression?

Leave a reply below and let us know what your LinkedIn profile header says and give us a link to your profile.

Resume Embellishing

Illinois politics is always interesting. This month, we learned one of our candidates has embellished his resume. In one instance, he took personal credit for an award his team earned. In a second instance, he over stated his role.

Politicians are elected by the voters and accountable to us – the citizens of the jurisdiction. It is our responsibility to pay attention and let them know how we feel.
Resume Design
Creative Commons License photo credit: CharlotWest
In business, it is not uncommon for an employee to be fired when they lie on their resume. This behavior is not tolerated in the work place. Those who misstate their experience or qualifications are not considered trustworthy. “At will” employees can be fired on the spot.

Why do we, as voters and citizens allow our politicians to behave this way? If this behavior is not acceptable to you, let those who represent you in government know how you feel. Take action and vote for your beliefs.

Developing Your Personal Brand

My friend Jim Cudney invited me to tour his native plant garden this week. What a treat to walk through his secret garden of lush plants and stroll along the babbling brook. I discovered natural and man made art work accents as we ambled along the pathways between trees and flowering bushes.

When we talked, thought about Jim’s brand and how the natural setting tied in with his company brand. As I write this post, I am listening to the ambient sounds from Technotribe‘s website.

Day 160 / 365 - Postcard
Creative Commons License photo credit: anitakhart

Jim’s company Technotribe works with Fortune 1000 companies on marketing, communications and project management. The tribal elements and earth colors flowed into the natural scene outside.

When I arrived, Jim was putting the final touches on a work related task and I noticed even the littlest detail included his personal brand.

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the little details. Those are the ones that matter the most.

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